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[saga][epic] openQA for SUSE customers

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SUSE customers build their own products based on SUSE products including SLE, OBS, openQA. So we must ensure openQA is usable for customers and by customers

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: openQA (webUI+worker) is continuously built+tested+published on latest SLE+packagehub
  • AC2: python based openQA tests are usable for testing new products

Further details


coordination #80150: [epic] Scale out openQA: Easier openQA setupBlockedokurz

action #76978: How to run an openQA test in 5 minutesBlockedokurz

action #80382: Provide installation recipes for automatic installations of openQA worker machinesWorkable

action #89920: Extend existing openQA-in-openQA tests as a learning exercise to know where our instructions or beginner situation can be improvedNew

action #90038: Better error handling when reading API key+secret from ~/.config/openqa/client.confResolvedmkittler

coordination #90758: [epic] python bindings for openQAResolvedokurz

action #90761: os-autoinst-distri-opensuse CI checks fail due to `cpanm --installdeps` failing on Inline::PythonResolvedosukup

action #91257: try out python backend for production tests in a new test distribution or os-autoinst-distri-openQAResolvedcdywan

action #91653: Python tests fail with generic error message regardless of the problem size:MResolvedmkittler

coordination #93609: [epic] openqa-bootstrap support on Leap 15.3Resolvedmkittler

action #95317: openqa-bootstrap on Leap 15.3 from devel:openQA passesResolvedmkittler

action #95320: openqa-bootstrap on Leap 15.3 from official repos passesResolvedmkittler

action #95323: openqa-bootstrap support on current version of Leap - automatic test size:SResolvedmkittler

action #95185: openqa-bootstrap ignores errors when systemd is not availableResolveddheidler

action #129883: all-in-one openQA container solutionFeedbackokurz

action #129958: Ensure openSUSE container best practices are followed for our container images in devel: openQA size:MWorkable

coordination #127028: [epic] openQA on SLE+packagehubBlockedokurz

action #127034: [spike][timeboxed:20h] Run openQA (webUI+worker) based on SLE to find out problems size:MResolvedmkittler

action #127037: os-autoinst on SLE+packagehub size:MWorkable

action #127286: Run openQA (webUI+worker) based on SLE+packagehub size:MIn Progressjbaier_cz

action #127541: Test os-autoinst+openQA against openSUSE:Backports:SLE-X in pull request OBS CI checks size:MBlockedtinita

action #127757: Cover SLE in openQA docsResolvedokurz

action #127883: Cleanup OBS project devel:openQA:Leap:15.4Resolvedtinita

action #128087: Regular cleanup of OBS project devel:openQA:Leap:15.4New

action #129949: Enable build+test of openQA and deps on s390xNew

action #127868: [qaaas] openQA test results should be archived and not tampered size:MNew

coordination #127910: [epic] openQA in SLE modulesNew

QA - action #127907: jenkins package (and others) not upgraded on since some time size:MResolvedokurz

action #128318: [spike][timeboxed:20h] Current openQA+os-autoinst+dependencies in pure SLE size:MNew

action #128651: [spike][timeboxed:20h] Current openQA+os-autoinst+dependencies updated in SLE+packagehub size:MFeedbackjbaier_cz

coordination #129313: [epic] openQA on ALPNew

action #129316: [spike][timeboxed:20h] openQA container on ALPResolvedokurz

coordination #130414: [epic] Improved code coverage in os-autoinstNew

action #130417: Improved code coverage in os-autoinst - consolesNew

action #130420: Improved code coverage in os-autoinst - testapiNew

action #130423: Improved code coverage in os-autoinst - all the restNew

Related issues

Related to openQA Tests - action #126590: [qe-core] loading tests in Python is broken when using YAMLResolved2023-03-24


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  • Related to action #126590: [qe-core] loading tests in Python is broken when using YAML added

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