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Cleanup OBS project devel:openQA:Leap:15.4

Added by tinita 5 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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In we link several packages to Factory, because we need - or at some point needed - a newer version.
There are currently 47 packages.

  • Whenever one of those modules gets updated, our openQA CI checks fail because we test with a specific version, and this repo only keeps one version at a time. (I believe this is different for packages we get from Tumbleweed?)
  • If we want to run openQA on SLE backports, we have to submit all 47 packages by saying that we all need those in their current version. But that is not anymore true for all packages.

I think it's sensible to keep packages there like Mojolicious-*, but I don't see why we should keep all modules there where we required a certain version in the past, if that version has reached Leap 15.4 in the meantime.
Just saying that we get bugfixes immediately would imply that we should actually add all our requirements there.

And whenever we add a module there, the list grows, but it will never shrink, unless we decide to clean it up. It's a maintenance burden.
I just went through a couple of the modules and believe some of them can be removed.
Unfortunately we don't have a history that tells us why a certain module was linked there. I wonder if this could be made easier in the future somehow.

If we ever need a newer version of one of the modules again, we can always link it, that's a fast thing to do and not something that will block us.


  • Use the comment feature to add information to every linked package why we need it, which versionw e need and possibly a related ticket. I just did an example for YAML-LibYAML

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Related to openQA Project - coordination #127910: [epic] openQA in SLE modulesNew2023-04-19

Copied to openQA Project - action #128087: Regular cleanup of OBS project devel:openQA:Leap:15.4New2023-10-06

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Updated by tinita 5 months ago

I added comments to several packages and found quite a few that very probably can be removed.

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We decided that this should be done before submitting modules to backports as part of #127541

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Updated by tinita 5 months ago

I deleted 9 packages so far. For the record:



Reason for linking: Dependency of Code-TidyAll


Current Upstream: 0.55

Current 15.4: 0.55

So the link can be removed


Reason for linking: Dependency of Code-TidyAll


Current Upstream: 0.05

Current 15.4: 0.04

No relevant change, so the link can be removed


Reason for linking:

Was a new module, but now the latest version 0.10 is currently in Leap 15.4, so link can probably removed.


Reason for linking:

0.029 2020-03-14 05:27:59Z
- new :report_warnings feature, for printing all of the (unexpected)
warning content when had_no_warnings() is called (Tina Mueller, PR#10)
Since we have version 0.030 in Leap 15.4, we could remove this link now.


Reason for linking: Dependency of Code-TidyAll


Current Upstream: 1.001

Current 15.4: 1.000

No relevant change, so the link can be removed


Reason for linking: unknown

Upstream is 0.16, Leap 15.4 has 0.16, so it can be removed


Reason for linking: unknown

I couldn't find a ticket referencing this.

Current upstream: 0.002233; Leap 15.4: 0.002233

So I think we're good for now and can remove the link.


Reason for linking: Dependency for perl-Mojolicious-Plugin-Status, which is not linked it self anymore actually

Current Upstream: 0.2311; Leap 15.4: 0.2304

Changes don't seem to include critical bugfixes

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Updated by tinita 5 months ago

Deleted 5 more modules (now at 33):


Reason for linking: unknown

Related ticket:

Current upstream: 0.3.1; Leap 15.4: 0.3.1

Latest release was 3.5y ago, I think we will be fine with removing the link


Reason for linking: not sure

Ticket: (6y ago)

Current upstream: 0.73; Leap 15.4: 0.72

No critical change in 0.73, so can be removed


Reason for linking: perl-Minion-Backend-SQLite required SQL::Abstract >= 2.000001 indirectly


Current upstream: 2.000001; Leap 15.4: 2.000001

Can be removed


Reason for linking: new module?

1.0 2021-02-20

  • First release. Current upstream: 1.0; Leap 15.4: 1.0

So it can be removed


Reason for linking: unknown

Related Tickets:

Current upstream: 3.14; Leap 15.3: 3.14

Can be removed since we have the latest version

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Setting due date based on mean cycle time of SUSE QE Tools

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I also added a hint for people adding new links in that project. I put in the description that they should add a comment about why and which version of the module is needed, and a reference to a ticket ideally.

Does anyone have ideas about the modules I listed in my last comment?

Apart from that that is done. I will create a ticket for the next cleanup so that we don't forget about it.

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Discussed in weekly unblock 2023-05-03. We decided that for all three packages,,
the way forward is to ensure that Leap 15.4 has updated versions of those three packages so
@tinita please create submit requests accordingly. IMHO you can just create osc mr from openSUSE:Factory to openSUSE:Leap:15.4:Update and either the updates will be directly acceptable or build checks should tell you what to do instead, e.g. to submit to SLE instead. You can also see the submitting as "out of scope" for the current ticket and just leave those packages as is. So we decided we are simply done here.

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