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16:01 openQA Tests action #121432 (Workable): [qe-core][opensuse-jobgroups] CI does not support 'deleting a yaml file'.
15:20 openQA Project action #112742 (Rejected): [tools] aarch64 - qemu-img: /var/lib/openqa/pool/14/raid/hd0-overlay0: Image is not in qcow2 format
Rejecting for now, not seen in a while (at least not me)
15:19 openQA Tests action #112676: [qe-core] All tests fails in dracut_enhanced
We should takeover Robert's PR (I think he's on another team atm), Martin do you have any suggestions?
15:16 QA action #109358 (Resolved): [qe-core] Describe desktop maintenance testing
Anytime Yifan! :)
15:10 openQA Tests action #35080: [qe-core][functional][qem] Enable the test suite for systemd on SLE15-SP4
Martin, this is still not enabled right? also not on o3?
14:56 openQA Tests coordination #96302 (Resolved): [qe-core][QU] Quarterly update failures
This is long done
14:55 qe-yam action #97289 (Rejected): [qem][qu] test fails in await_install in 15-SP3 QU
All good according to:
13:24 openQA Tests action #120918: [qe-core][opensuse] test fails in php_mysql: check_version('>=10.4') treats version 10.10 as 'lower'
Packages are already in the corresponding places:
13:17 openQA Tests action #117520 (Workable): [qe-core][opensuse] set up 15.4 to 15.5 upgrade tests
10:35 openQA Tests action #121432 (Workable): [qe-core][opensuse-jobgroups] CI does not support 'deleting a yaml file'.

Seems the CI does not support 'deleting a yaml file'...
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