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10:04 am openQA Project action #18076: [tools][openqa-monitoring] no products found, retrying version wildcard
Ok, so let's just remove the warning from the openQA log where it is pretty useless without context and instead add i...
09:45 am openQA Project action #25970: Profile/Optimize _workers_checker in WebSockets server
@kraih Most likely no longer relevant after throwing out D-Bus in the websocket service, right?
09:34 am openQA Project action #32545: Catch multi-machine clusters misconfigured
> the problem is that:
> - client had parallel_with supportserver
> - server had parallel_with supportserver,client...
09:09 am openQA Project action #46670: Create import for format defined in #46667
Additional PR:
Note that the current implementation creates/update...


08:30 am openQA Project action #50729: [tools][functional] Broken filtering with "Show only failures" in External results
The filter is not broken here. The table for external results simply does not include that result because it is no ex...
08:14 am openQA Project action #50720: [tools][functional] Show icon for search in test suites to indicate a progress
Not sure whether we want put any further effort into the current UI while changes for


11:14 am openQA Project action #49943 (In Progress): [tools] Add new needle match type: "click"
09:49 am openQA Project action #50675 (New): Commit changes to scheduling YAML to Git repository
The PR for the YAML import ( comes already with a basic web UI. So fa...


01:00 pm openQA Project action #49943: [tools] Add new needle match type: "click"
The click point can be easily added via the needle editor of course and will be by default the center of the area.


10:30 am openQA Project action #46187: Create list of "worker responsibilities"
Not sure how to continue with the worker. But here's an update to "biggest problems with the worker code" after playi...

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