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03:39 pm openQA Project action #16276 (Resolved): notifications about failed and unreviewed jobs
11:16 am openQA Project action #47060: [worker service]openqaworker2:21 ~ openqaworker2:24 stops getting new jobs for ove...
Since the worker are likely hanging inside `OpenQA::Worker::Engines::isotovideo::engine_workit` or right after I'm in...
10:42 am openQA Project action #44771: [tools][svirt] Can't call method "exec" on an undefined value
Since your worker uses the same version of the perl-Net-SSH2 package that shouldn't make a difference. Maybe the Hype...


05:12 pm openQA Project action #47087: Workers on openqaworker2 stuck frequently
I've tried to restart the stuck worker on but I don't have access to that machine. Can someone wi...
04:40 pm openQA Project action #20812 (In Progress): Jobs will be assigned to workers with wrong arch unless WORKER_CLASS...


05:02 pm openQA Project action #29419: [tools] MULTINET parameter cause incomplete job
04:08 pm openQA Project action #29419: [tools] MULTINET parameter cause incomplete job
@asmorodskyi Ok. I've tried your patch and yes - it isn't connected to any virtual network. I believe that the `-net ...
03:40 pm openQA Project action #45890: [tools] testsuite description in the bug reporting template
That explains everything. I would never have expected it to load templates from `/etc/openqa/templates/branding`. Did...
01:53 pm openQA Project action #29419 (In Progress): [tools] MULTINET parameter cause incomplete job
I can reproduce this by cloning the mentioned o3 job locally. Let's see whether I can adjust the invocation of qemu t...
01:25 pm openQA Project action #41066: Scheduling jobs for IPMI (bare metal) on the same worker (aka FOLLOW_TEST_DIRECTLY).
Is it conceivable to use btrfs snapshots for this?

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