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coordination #127028: [epic] openQA on SLE+packagehub

Fix documentation ambiguity about openQA-worker installation on SLE

Added by okurz 10 months ago.

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From the problem became apparent that our documentation mentions a command like zypper in openQA-worker twice and in both cases it's not clear what applies for SLE in particular:

(Qi Wang) Last question: Officially not supported openQA-worker, since it is not supported, why is there a source of SLE openqa. openQA-worker is not supported on SLE, but the OpenQA is supported on sle怂why
(Oliver Kurz) openQA includes the worker, both the webUI and worker are supported on SLE
(Qi Wang) OK, Thank you,I will do some try. I installed openQA successfully on SLE15SP5 ,but when i check the packaged ,openQA-worker not installed. So i try to install on openQA-worker on it,then the come across the same problem which lack of dependency packages.
(Oliver Kurz) Did you follow the instructions from and activated the SLE modules including package hub?
(Qi Wang) I see. you means this . /etc/os-release
SUSEConnect -p sle-module-desktop-applications/$VERSION_ID/$CPU
SUSEConnect -p sle-module-development-tools/$VERSION_ID/$CPU
SUSEConnect -p sle-we/$VERSION_ID/$CPU -r $sled_key
SUSEConnect -p PackageHub/$VERSION_ID/$CPU
zypper in openQA
(Oliver Kurz) yes
(Qi Wang) hello,Oliver I don't see how to install openQA-worker on sle in the documentation where only have opensuse and fedora, so are there any special settings to config? I tried and the installation also failed.
(Oliver Kurz) I see that our documentation is not exactly clear on that as SLE and the necessary SLE modules are only mentioned in the top section, not in the worker specific section

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: The documentation is clear about SLE pre-requisites when installing the openQA worker
  • AC2: No unnecessary duplication so likely no double mention of zypper in openQA-worker


  • Try to not mention zypper in openQA-worker in two places instead link from one place to the other
  • Maybe put the SLE module activation in a separate code block and reference it from both the instructions for webUI and worker package

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