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openSUSE admin: Hardware problem: rsync.opensuse.org down
The server running rsync.opensuse.org is down since 2016-01-10. We will need quite some time to fix this and apologize for the caused inconveniences.
Added by lrupp 28 days ago

openSUSE admin: openSUSE Build Service virtualized
While our build workers build packages in virtual environments since a while now, the backend servers are also running as virtual machines since Christmas 2015. This includes an enhanced backbone infrastructure, allowing to run 10 Gb redundant Ethernet.
Added by lrupp about 1 month ago

openSUSE admin: openSUSE Mailing Lists migration finished
The migration of the openSUSE Mailing Lists has been finished successfully.
Added by tampakrap 8 months ago

openSUSE admin: Planned downtime 2015-06-09: openSUSE Mailing Lists
On Tuesday 2015-06-09, from 09:00 to 11:00 UTC, the machine that hosts the openSUSE Mailing Lists will be offline
Added by tampakrap 8 months ago

openSUSE admin: Encryption going strong
Refreshing certs and new strength to encryption.
Added by darix 12 months ago

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