This is the openSUSE Management Tool. It is used by different teams related with openSUSE like:

  • openSUSE Admin Team
  • openSUSE Team at SUSE

If you have any question, please contact any of the above teams.

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openSUSE admin: New Galera cluster running in production (1 comment)
Two important databases are using the new (mariadb) galera cluster now: https://connect.opensuse.org and https://progress.opensuse.org are now completely migrated.
Added by lrupp about 14 hours ago

openSUSE admin: Statistic pages from our Monitoring
While monitoring helps to get informed about outages and problems, it also allows you to get some trends about services and produce nice graphs from it.
Added by lrupp 16 days ago

openSUSE admin: New Galera Cluster up and running
While we still migrate services over into the "openSUSE Heroes" network, we also use the time to improve the old setup and implement a more robust and reliable infrastructure.
Added by lrupp 17 days ago

openSUSE admin: Why download.opensuse.org does not officially support SSL
While enabling SSL for the service running download.opensuse.org is not really a problem (and is done already), there are some issues behind that we want to get fixed first before making and official announcement...
Added by lrupp about 1 month ago

openSUSE admin: Planned Downtime 2017-10-13 till 2017-10-15
Added by tampakrap about 1 month ago

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