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Latest news

openSUSE admin: Piwik -> Matomo
Piwik became Matomo more than a year ago. It's time to follow this rename with some internal adjustments...
Added by lrupp 4 days ago

openSUSE admin: status.opensuse.org updated
https://status.opensuse.org/ was.upgraded to a new version, looking it's RSS feeds.
Added by lrupp 10 days ago

openSUSE admin: SSL cipher updates
Most services under the opensuse.org domain support now only TLS 1.2.
Added by lrupp 10 days ago

openSUSE admin: Etherpad updated (3 comments)
The etherpad-lite installation at https://etherpad.opensuse.org/ has seen a big version update.
Added by lrupp 10 days ago

openSUSE admin: The first steps to a more modern infrastructure
Hack Week 17 was the perfect opportunity to try modern technologies in order to take our infrastructure one step further. The beginning of this journey is here, enjoy :)
Added by tampakrap over 1 year ago

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Latest projects

  • openSUSE Leap 15.2 (16/04/2019 02:18 pm)

    Tasks related to the openSUSE Leap 15.2 release

  • openQA Infrastructure (16/10/2018 09:06 am)

    Problems not to be fixed in github repos of os-autoinst or openQA, but not test related either. Mainly things about openqa.suse.de and openqa.opensuse.org

  • QA (15/06/2018 06:37 pm)

    General project coordinating the quality assurance and development of test automation for SUSE and openSUSE products

  • openSUSE Leap 15.1 (30/05/2018 03:19 pm)

    Tasks related to the openSUSE Leap 15.1 release

  • invis-sub-setup (09/03/2018 11:13 am)

    The goal of this project is to develop a software-package for an easy setup of an invis "subsidiary" server. This server is an file-server at it's own, he is placed at a subsidiary location of a company. His connection to the main invis-server is realized via vpn. He should be a domain-member-server and it should be possible to synchronize data between main- and subsidiary-server....