This is the openSUSE Management Tool. It is used by different teams related with openSUSE like:

  • openSUSE Admin Team
  • openSUSE Team at SUSE

If you have any question, please contact any of the above teams.

Latest news

openSUSE admin: Encryption going strong
Refreshing certs and new strength to encryption.
Added by darix about 1 month ago

openSUSE admin: Again problems with the storage
Added by lrupp 10 months ago

openSUSE admin: IPv6 movements in opensuse.org DNS range
Added by lrupp 11 months ago

openSUSE admin: Broken storage week ?
Added by lrupp 12 months ago

openSUSE admin: 327 RSS feeds on planet.opensuse.org
Added by lrupp 12 months ago

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Latest projects

  • openSUSE Conference 2015 (07/10/2014 01:12 pm) Organization of **oSC15** in The Hague - Netherlands. 1 to 4 May 2015

    We use the issues in this project to keep track of the tasks. The documents are used to suggest announcements. Every two weeks we have project meetings on the opensuse-project channel on freenode....

  • openSUSE 13.2 Release (05/08/2014 08:27 am)
  • openSUSE Board (11/02/2014 04:47 pm)

    Everything you need to know about the openSUSE Board and what we're currently working on

  • Staging project workflow (27/01/2014 10:19 am)

    Project for staging workflow sprints and tracking.

  • openQAv2 Project (27/01/2014 08:26 am)

    openQAv2 design and implementation