This is the openSUSE Management Tool. It is used by different teams related with openSUSE like:

  • openSUSE Admin Team
  • openSUSE Team at SUSE

If you have any question, please contact any of the above teams.

Latest news

openSUSE admin: RSYNC Hotstuff modules are currently broken
The hotstuff modules provided by rsync.opensuse.org and stage.opensuse.org are currently providing empty directories only. We are working on a solution.
Added by lrupp 10 days ago

openSUSE admin: New hardware for the mirror database
Added by lrupp 11 days ago

openSUSE admin: openQA with new hardware
Added by lrupp 11 days ago

openSUSE admin: Status rsync.opensuse.org (3 comments)
rsync.opensuse.org is back, now running with RAID 5 and 1 hot spare (as result, only 3.5 TB are available).
Added by lrupp 11 days ago

openSUSE admin: Bye, bye 11.4 and 12.1 (1 comment)
Files of old openSUSE distributions have now been removed from http://download.opensuse.org/ to free up the space for the current and upcoming openSUSE releases.
Added by lrupp 2 months ago

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Latest projects

  • openSUSE Board (11/02/2014 04:47 pm)

    Everything you need to know about the openSUSE Board and what we're currently working on

  • Staging project workflow (27/01/2014 10:19 am)

    Project for staging workflow sprints and tracking.

  • openQAv2 Project (27/01/2014 08:26 am)

    openQAv2 design and implementation

  • openSUSE admin (13/08/2013 10:00 am)

    All the things about the openSUSE infrastructure

  • USB Sticks (16/04/2013 10:28 am)

    Project to create USB sticks as an installation platform for openSUSE and other use cases