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openSUSE admin: Fixed security issue that affected (1 comment)
We were contacted by a security researcher, to inform us that TSP had a significant security flaw that impacted our production systems. We have since patched the vulnerability and assessed the impact. This is the write up about the process
Added by hellcp over 1 year ago

openSUSE admin: Network outage next Thursday, April 21st
SUSE-IT plans a replacement of some network equipment in the Nuremberg Datacenter next Thursday.
Added by lrupp about 2 years ago

openSUSE admin: Thank you, SUSE QE
The SUSE Quality Engineering Linux Systems Group sponsored two professional plugins from RedmineUP for this instance here at
Added by lrupp over 2 years ago

openSUSE admin: Thank you, SonarSource (1 comment)
CVE-2021-39165 allowed attackers to extract existing user accounts from our instances.
Added by lrupp over 2 years ago

openSUSE admin: Upgrading to the next PostgreSQL version (1 comment)
We upgraded our internal PostgreSQL cluster to the latest version last week.
Added by lrupp about 3 years ago

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