This is the openSUSE Management Tool. It is used by different teams related with openSUSE like:

  • openSUSE Admin Team
  • openSUSE Team at SUSE

If you have any question, please contact any of the above teams.

Latest news

openSUSE admin: Upgrading to the next PostgreSQL version (1 comment)
We upgraded our internal PostgreSQL cluster to the latest version last week.
Added by lrupp 2 months ago

openSUSE admin: Playing along with NFTables
nftables is the new packet classification framework that replaces a lot of the legacy iptables, ip6tables, arp-tables and eb-tables infrastructure.
Added by lrupp 3 months ago

openSUSE admin: IPv6 support for machines in US region
All openSUSE services in our Provo database center now also support IPv6.
Added by lrupp 4 months ago

openSUSE admin: Playing with Etherpad-lite
We enable some additional plugins in our Etherpad instance on
Added by lrupp 4 months ago

openSUSE admin: Upgraded matomo
Our web-analytics platform has been upgraded to the latest, stable 4.1.1 version.
Added by lrupp 5 months ago

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