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Latest news

openSUSE admin: Short network timeouts expected during the weekend
SUSE-IT informed us, that there might be short network timeouts during the weekend (probably Sunday, 2020-06-21, in the afternoon).
Added by lrupp 7 months ago

openSUSE admin: Post-Mortem: outage (2 comments)
The main service became unreliable at Tuesday 2nd June 2020 21:50 CEST. We want to give you some insight into what happened.
Added by lrupp 8 months ago

openSUSE admin: IP renumbering in Provo 2020-06-05
Our download mirror in Provo, named, will be moved into a new network range end of next week (2020-06-05).
Added by lrupp 8 months ago

openSUSE admin: Upgraded Redmine on (3 comments)
Added by tuanpembual 9 months ago

openSUSE admin: Introducing debuginfod service for Tumbleweed
Added by lrupp 11 months ago

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