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09:52 QA Wiki edit: Wiki (#352)
Add link to o3 ssh configuration instructions
09:21 QA Wiki edit: Wiki (#351)
Specify the salt pillar document to add personal ssh keys to directly
08:42 openQA Project action #98952: t/full-stack.t can timeout, "clickElement: element not interactable" size:M
both last mentioned PRs still open.
04:42 QA action #101073: Smoke test of basic rust/cargo functionality
That's a good idea but IMHO is best suitable for a in-package test in


13:05 openQA Infrastructure coordination #96447 (Blocked): [epic] Failed systemd services and job age alerts
Looks like this could also be related to #99246 . I think see have all the mentioned ideas covered in follow up tasks...
12:46 QA coordination #69310 (Blocked): [epic] SUSE QA tools team ticket process helpers
Tracking based on currently defined subtasks
12:45 openQA Project coordination #99579 (Blocked): [epic][retro] Follow-up to "Published QCOW images appear to be uncompressed"
More sub tasks could be defined but right now we have enough in the backlog. I can track this based on what we alread...
12:36 openQA Project action #101030: Typing problems on aarch64
Might be related to #101048


14:39 openQA Project action #101048 (New): Investigate higher instability of openqaworker-arm-4/5 vs. arm-1/2/3
## Observation
According to
14:19 QA action #101045 (Workable): presenter needed for SUSE QE Tools roadmap workshop 2021-11 on 2021-11-05
## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** entry for 2021-11-05 on

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