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10:04 am openQA Project action #56546: list-merge feature in YAML job group templates
coolo wrote:
> For reference: I'm voting against non standard yaml extensions 'in our code'. I think any kind of pre...


03:20 pm openQA Project action #56279: "Preview changes" after Job Group YAML edit should allow to see changes in "result...
I realized after the recent code refactorings we could regenerate a result preview without even touching the database...
01:15 pm openQA Project action #58130: yaml: Can't use . in job names
11:21 am openQA Project action #57170: No ability to delete Job Group
Semi-related: [gh#os-autoinst/openQA#2394]( documents the case of an ...
09:13 am openQA Project action #56534 (Resolved): support list of machines for YAML job templates


04:45 pm openQA Project action #57266 (Feedback): Forbid test suite name changes if used in job groups
04:04 pm openQA Project action #56534 (In Progress): support list of machines for YAML job templates


08:57 am openQA Project action #57452: Automatic summary of failures
szarate wrote:
> mloviska wrote:
> > mkittler wrote:
> > > At least the "blamed" person touched the test code rece...
08:37 am openQA Project action #56540 (Resolved): convert staging job groups to YAML


12:55 pm openQA Project action #57662: monitoring considered harmful
mkittler wrote:
> After the discussion in the chat I suppose the best solution is to simply keep the plugin disabled...

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