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01:23 pm openQA Project action #63712 (In Progress): Have git-clone-custom-refspec pickup tests from PR descriptions
To make running verification runs on PRs easier, git-clone-custom-refspec should gain the ability to parse tests URLs...
08:48 am openQA Project action #33676 (In Progress): Group results by group name, not build number in parent_group_overview


08:06 am openQA Project action #62108: auto_review:"Can.t fcntl.*Operation not permitted at .*" test in...
08:02 am openQA Project action #60713 (Resolved): left-over files in /var/lib/openqa/share/factory/tmp
07:56 am openQA Project action #60118: load_templates does not load JobGroups (unless they exist)


04:43 pm openQA Project action #57170: No ability to delete Job Group
Since the question came up in the PR as well:
The above fix makes the editor "do the right thing" and ensure the Y...
09:36 am openQA Infrastructure action #63136 (In Progress): Use reference with API requests to protect against mid-air collisions
The `reference` parameter allows the API to verify that the current state in the database matches the state expected ...
08:07 am openQA Project action #63089: Trim testsuite settings spaces when editing in WebUI
I think it's fair to say the spaces aren't causing any immediate problems.


09:39 am openQA Project action #57170 (Feedback): No ability to delete Job Group
09:25 am openQA Project action #53498: [sporadic] openQA CI tests fail on master in flaky/unstable t/ui/26-jobs_restart.t
[gh#2693]( got merged

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