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16:57 openQA Project action #34486 (In Progress): database of "test cases" or how to search for tests we have in openQA
After having researched what's needed for this, I took a step back and pushed code for the following aspects:
- Se...
12:56 openQA Project action #56591 (Feedback): Improve feedback for jobs in "Uploading"
10:59 openQA Project action #52745 (Resolved): openQA pagination breaks design on smartphone display
10:59 openQA Project action #47210 (Resolved): "Users" page in web UI resets to showing the first page of 10 users every time you make a change
10:58 openQA Project action #34303 (Resolved): Fix test for undocumented backend variables
> ## Suggestion
> * t/04-check_vars_docu.t has some logic to provide a proper exit code based on if it found a m...
09:47 openQA Infrastructure action #63136 (Resolved): Use reference with API requests to protect against mid-air collisions
We can in fact close this. Ultimately the protection against unexpected changes doesn't fit the workflow very well, a...
09:00 openQA Project action #56525 (Resolved): Create rpm requires from cpanfile
The alternative PR got merged. The script is still evolving but ...


07:30 openQA Project action #68284 (Feedback): Selenium tests fail with "sendKeysToElement: Server returned error message" on CircleCI
The work-around seem to do the trick.


08:39 openQA Project action #64961: test fails in installation - cannot find autoinst.xml. server returned code 404
I think [gh#os-autoinst/os-autoinst#1381]( was meant to address ...


10:46 openQA Infrastructure action #68053 (In Progress): powerqaworker-qam-1 fails to come up on reboot
- No success tracking down the owner of the machine so far.
- Updating the firmware was suggested but we don't have ...

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