• invis-server

    invis-Servers are openSUSE leap-based server systems for small and smallest businesses. They offer a rich set of functions which start with network organization, user management, vpn access and end with useful applications such as groupware, ERP solution and wiki system. Ease of use, low resource requirements and adequate functional scope are the decisive criteria for development. With the release of Samba4 including Active Directory....

    • invis-rdbu

      invis-rdbu is the invis-server own backup system.

    • invis-sub-setup

      The goal of this project is to develop a software-package for an easy setup of an invis "subsidiary" server. This server is an file-server at it's own, he is placed at a subsidiary location of a company. His connection to the main invis-server is realized via vpn. He should be a domain-member-server and it should be possible to synchronize data between main- and subsidiary-server....

    • invisAD-client

      invisAD-client is a software-package to easily integrate openSUSE Leap based Linux clients to an invis-Server AD-Domain. The package contains the possibility to integrate on- and offline (vpn) clients as well as local member-servers to an AD-Domain.

    • invisAD-setup

      invisAD-setup is our main software package to setup an invis-Server.

  • openSUSE admin

    All the things about the openSUSE infrastructure

  • openSUSE Board

    Everything you need to know about the openSUSE Board and what we're currently working on

  • openSUSE Conference 2015
    Organization of **oSC15** in The Hague - Netherlands. 1 to 4 May 2015

    We use the issues in this project to keep track of the tasks. The documents are used to suggest announcements. Every two weeks we have project meetings on the opensuse-project channel on freenode....

  • openSUSE Marketing

    Coordinating marketing efforts around openSUSE.

  • openSUSE Release Process

    This project collects and tracks tasks related to the release process of openSUSE distributions ie TW and Leap. The tasks here are not specific to a concrete release. For tasks for a concrete release subprojects are created.

    Anyone willing to contribute time to openSUSE is welcome to pick tasks from the task list....

  • oST_Projects

    Projects that openSUSE Team at SUSE develops.

  • QA

    General project coordinating the quality assurance and development of test automation for SUSE and openSUSE products

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