09:30 openQA Tests action #80394: Change the CI setup due to going EOL, e.g. migrate to with paid plan or migrate elsewhere
+1 for github actions but i would like to ask kindly to consider a project that i came across recently and it looks r...


07:28 openQA Infrastructure action #62666: Move into opensuse private network
vpn4me plz
On Thu, 2020-10-22 at 19:12 +0000, wrote:
> [openSUSE Tracker]
> Issue #62666 has be...


06:03 qe-yast action #69259 (New): [y] Test fully qualified domain name as an input for yast2-network
The aiming for this is to validate that the user is able to type the hostname in a form of ``. before the ...


08:43 qe-yast action #69655: [y][timeboxed:12h] Modify check in autoyast installation test followup ticket for some enhancement to deal with false error in those wor...
08:42 qe-yast action #72277 (Closed): [y] Modify check in autoyast installation test
See #69655
Ioannis proposes to implement retry mechanism to make check more stable.
Recent example: https://ope...
06:45 qe-yast action #72274 (Rejected): [y] nfs mount timeout investigation
## Observation
I file this for investigation of the timeout during the nfs mount.
The network looks ok and i cant...


10:36 openQA Tests action #70153 (Resolved): [y] system_state should upload collected data
05:43 qe-yast action #70867 (Resolved): [y] Move yast2_nfs_server module to the YaST job group
validated on [48.1](
05:30 openQA Tests action #71728 (Resolved): [y] test fails in validate_encrypt on powerVM
validated on [48.1](


10:39 qe-yast action #66862: [functional][y] Test interactive installation with encrypted /home partition seems that needs extra work to address aspects ...

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