This project collects and tracks tasks related to the release process of openSUSE distributions ie TW and Leap. The tasks here are not specific to a concrete release. For tasks for a concrete release subprojects are created.

Anyone willing to contribute time to openSUSE is welcome to pick tasks from the task list.
The list is mostly intended for features and bigger projects. Bugs should still be filed in the tracking system of the affected component, ie Bugzilla, Github etc.

When adding tasks please stick to the following style:

  • set a proper Category
  • enter an estimated number of hours. One day is 8hours. The value doesn't have to be exact, just think in orders of magnitude like few hours, a day, some days, some weeks, some months etc.
  • add deadline if applicable
  • add the suggested or required programming language to the subject if applicable
  • add a concrete "next action" to the task by adding a check list item.