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15:04 openQA Tests action #121276 (New): [desktop] gnome_default_applications: outdated list of application names matching
## Observation
The test currently soft-fails with:
# Soft Failure:
The mimetype image/jpg should open with eog.d...
07:46 openQA Tests action #121198 (New): [security] swtpm_verify: vm's ssh service seems offline
## Observation
# wait_serial expected: qr/W8Csd-\d+-/u
# Result:
the vm's ssh service is offline, loop to che...


14:45 openQA Tests action #120984 (Resolved): assert_script_sudo does not see result
openQA confirmed in the product:
08:13 openQA Tests action #115694 (Resolved): [qe-core] test fails in python_flake8: colored output not properly parsed by openQA
dimstar wrote:
> Fix proposed in
PR has bee...


14:13 openQA Tests action #107728 (Rejected): [qe-core][opensuse] vnc: click through seems not to be registered in system_role
This issue has not been observed in a long time. There were various components changing in this time, like vnc server...
14:10 openQA Tests action #104481 (Closed): [desktop][tw] test fails in ooffice
I haven't seen this issue in a long time.
Most likely it was mostly observed on 42.x upgrade scenarios, which have b...
14:09 openQA Tests action #111596 (Closed): [desktop] KDE/Plasma desktop runner: incomplete commands typed
Haven't seen this issue popping up in > 6 months; it was random back then, but at least seems to have fallen off the ...
13:52 openQA Tests action #69994 (Closed): [kde] Upgrade scenarios fail to handle_login on KDE sessions
The 42.x -> TW upgrades test have been given up on. They were too unstable for openQA to handle.
As such, this ticke...
11:26 openQA Tests action #120984: assert_script_sudo does not see result fails also on assert_script_sudo, but there we don't...


18:32 openQA Tests coordination #16122: [qe-core][functional][epic] Idea: a test / API that verifies that package X does not pull in (direct or indirect) package Y
I think a rather 'simple' solution we could try would be something like:
sub ensure_pkg_A_does_not_pull_pkg_B() {

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