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05:34 openSUSE admin tickets #159798: UCS and Suse decommission
Are you planing for OBS instances and login proxies independent?
because I heard not back from my mails so far...


06:28 openSUSE admin tickets #137540: Moving home:RBrownSUSE:Greybeard to shared namespace
Okay, I learned that Richard does not want to be involved anymore and does want to have it connected with microos.
05:50 openSUSE admin tickets #137540 (Feedback): Moving home:RBrownSUSE:Greybeard to shared namespace
Hm, Richard owns devel:microos , so he could create devel:microos:greybeard on his own.
Why do you need an admin h...


09:31 openSUSE admin tickets #130516 (Closed): Rename of OBS project
done now, sorry for the delay. adrianSuSE
08:49 openSUSE admin tickets #136373 (Closed): Obsolete Tumbleweed i586 iso images
I hope this is cleaned up now.
(sorry, never saw a mail)
08:48 openSUSE admin tickets #134942: Make it possible again to push to from OBS backend
yes, still needed, please adapt the IP setting.
sorry, this got lost somehow in my inbox.


09:31 openSUSE admin tickets #113021: Very slow network connectivity with
sorry, need to bounce back adrianSuSE
09:30 openSUSE admin tickets #113021: Very slow network connectivity with
> Thanks, that unfortunately doesn't show an issue either. My network colleague suggests it is likely an issue on the... adrianSuSE


14:58 openSUSE Leap 15.4 action #100092: enable OBS:Maintained attribute in :Update project
lkocman wrote:
> <attribute name="BranchTarget" namespace="OBS"/>
this must *NOT* be set.
Otherwise every ...


09:52 openSUSE admin tickets #94273: All Leap 15.3 downloads are broken
1) again, build is disabled since a long time, but OBS can sync at any time nevertheless, since it is his job to keep... adrianSuSE

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