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13:24 qe-yast action #80786 (Feedback): Add validation to offline_install+skip_registration scenario
13:14 qe-yast action #88059 (New): Implement vars.json variables expansion in test_data structure
As of now test_data allows only static data, but there are scenarios where we would need some dynamic values like VER...
09:19 qe-yast action #88045 (New): Add validation to skip_registration scenario
We should at least validate enabled repos/modules and conduct smoke test for enabled functionality and check defaults.


14:26 qe-yast action #87988 (New): [SLE-17186][SLE-17185] Bootloader setup in YaST should follow the identification method as mount method
10:56 qe-yast action #87973 (New): Deregister system before enabling new modules in setup_libyui_running_system
## Observation
This is known flow, that in order not to get affected by other installations, as well as not to acc...
10:25 qe-yast action #73477 (Workable): Modify firstboot configuration for yast2_firstboot_custom
10:17 qe-yast action #48707 (Workable): Only parse logs in detect_yast2_failures instead of conducting full installation for online medium
10:08 qe-yast action #87919 (Blocked): Rewrite partition creation with libyui REST API
Let check what remains after we have #81042 being implemented.
10:02 qe-yast action #87646 (Workable): Create autoyast test using btrfs quota limit
09:49 qe-yast action #87967 (Workable): Re-design autoyast_lvm not to use AUTOYAST_VERIFY variable
See motivation in the parent ticket

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