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02:40 pm openQA Tests action #47396: [functional][opensuse][y] Enable partial sync of debug repo
I've deployed changes, sync part works as expected, let's wait for the next TW or Leap build to see if we have missed...
09:09 am openQA Project action #46952: rsync exiting with 24 needs to be handled
Another occurrence here: https://openqa.suse.de/tests/2464030/file/autoinst-log.txt


04:36 pm openQA Tests action #47921 (New): [functional][y] Apply new scheduling mechanism for any installation scenario...
## Motivation
So we got 3 PoC solutions, which do work already, but none of them solves all the problems (which happ...
11:07 am openQA Tests action #47387 (Workable): [sle][functional][y] test fails in partitioning_raid - incorrect file s...
10:57 am openQA Tests action #47900 (New): [tools][aarch64] incompletes on arm with `mkdir vm-snapshots: Structure need...
## Observation
We get a lot of failures on arm with this error:
[2019-02-14T09:57:13.434 UTC] [debug] Backend pro...
09:58 am openQA Tests action #45404: [functional][y] keyboard layout switching - check for *changed* keyboard layout in...
No capacity, shifting.
09:58 am openQA Tests action #30580: [sle][functional][y][epic]Test for keyboard layout switching
due to changes in a related task
09:55 am openQA Tests action #42941: [sle][functional][y] implement validation for encrypt lvm test suites
INSTALLATION_VALIDATION variable can be used here for scheduling
08:48 am openQA Tests action #47447: [functional][y][SLE-4193][fate316134] Create btrfs subvolume instead of home direc...
Nice catch, we definitely should not do same thing twice, so I lower priority.
SR for SLE15: https://build.suse.de/r...
08:41 am openQA Tests action #46613 (Workable): [functional][y] test fails in yast_scc for postreg with sdk - no licens...
Bug is fixed, but behavior hasn't been changed, so we need to take a look and reopen if needed.

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