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12:37 openQA Tests action #67393: [functional][y] Selection of rows does not work as expected when set in JSON in different order than are displayed
So issue is not generic and seems not to work in some cases like expert partitioner, even though it works in yast2 ho...
11:31 openQA Tests action #67405 (New): [functional][y] Enable cryptlvm+cancel_existing on powerVM
## Description
We continue extending coverage on powerVM, based on the priority provided in https://confluence.suse....
11:31 openQA Tests action #54617: [functional][u][y][pvm][epic] Enable more scenarios to run on powerVM Backend
due to changes in a related task: #67405
10:43 openQA Tests action #67399 (New): [functional][y] Add test for testing scipts execution on all phases
See and
10:01 openQA Tests action #65304: [sle][functional][y] Enable transactional updates scenarios for PowerVM
As per discussion with Diego, IBM heard about this feature but do not use it as of now. We still need to assure that ...
09:59 openQA Tests action #66730 (Resolved): [functional][y] Enable allmodules+allpatterns and allmodules+allpatterns+registration on powerVM
09:12 openQA Tests action #66871 (Blocked): [funcional][y] Re-enable samba test module in yast2-ncurses suite
09:12 openQA Tests action #61780: [functional][y][epic] test update for yast-samba re 389-ds
due to changes in a related task: #66871
09:04 openQA Infrastructure action #65019: ppc64 debuginfo repo is not stripped for Tumbleweed
From what I see here
09:00 openQA Tests action #67123: [functional][y]test fails in yast2_samba
JRivrain wrote:
> riafarov wrote:
> > I guess we can reject this one and continue with our plan described in #67363...

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