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11:51 am openQA Tests action #58061: [kernel] LTP Failure in SP1: test fails in timer_create03
I asked before, but where is this magic yaml file?
09:05 am openQA Project action #58367 (New): vnc port information is wrong for > 99
`You might be able to connect to the SUT at openqaworker9:107 via VNC with shared mode enabled (eg. vncviewer openqaw...
07:32 am openQA Project action #53912: Use available space for caching on each worker for increased performance
*if* cache would be on its own partition, it could fill it. I don't think that's generally the case
05:44 am openQA Tests action #57929: [qam] test fails in thunderbird_imap - test account misconfiguration
I took out thunderbird now
05:16 am openQA Tests action #58112 (In Progress): [qam] test fails in ltp_syscalls@zkvm
How to get the 'next LTP release' into the actual test runs? Because it's still happening


07:09 pm openQA Project action #17730 (Rejected): Investigate/implement twopence backend
It's used in various slenkins tests, but as slenkins tests show: you don't need a backend for that
09:20 am openQA Tests action #58286: yast2_lan_restart may need to slow down
Not sporadic :(
08:41 am openQA Tests action #57929: [qam] test fails in thunderbird_imap - test account misconfiguration
Working on a refined workflow for thunderbird - sounds like we don't test this on sle12, is this correct?
08:22 am openQA Project action #58304 (New): A personal activity view for developers
I find it very easy to get lost when doing 2 things. I.e. having tests in developer mode or scheduling jobs from git ...
06:48 am openQA Tests action #58292 (New): mau-extratests@zkvm fails in openldap2
## Observation
openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP1-Server-DVD-Updates-s390x-mau-extratests@zkvm fails in

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