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09:36 openQA Tests action #80726 (New): [SLE][Migration] data migration from openldap2 -> 389-ds
Support provided evidence to Engineering (including QA) that the test coverage for LDAP (openldap2 -> 389-ds) and Act...


11:27 openQA Tests action #76873: for sle15sp3 is not set up correctly
The package hub repos will not be added before Beta1 and that can not change due to legal reasons. During the Alpha p...


17:23 openQA Tests action #68564: [SLE][Migration][sle15sp3] Migrating From SuSEfirewall2 to firewalld
Any update here? There is still a soft fail in the testsuit for the realted bug:


10:14 openQA Tests action #73627: [qe-core][migration][functional] Move common-criteria pattern out of allpatterns tests
@weigao, I guess that will aslo affect migration tests.


07:29 openQA Tests action #58562: [qam] Migration of s390x jobs to ease zkvm resources
Timo, I can see that this ticket is resolved already but I have a qustion here. Do you know the non technical backgro...


07:42 openQA Tests action #64433: [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] Can't use vncviewer to debug openQA job on s390x
WEi Gao and Oli, I have a question here. Why did you add a soft fail to the testcase? According to the last comments ...


09:57 openQA Tests action #58127: [functional][y][timeboxed:16h] Fix shutdown from GUI on s390x backend
Hi, I can see that this ticket is still assigned to that soft fail testcase:


11:11 openQA Tests coordination #52949: [qe-core][RPi3][epic] SLES on RaspberryPi
Sergio, we could add this progress ticket to the Master Test Plan as a "Level Test Plan Link" for RPi. It is at least...


09:23 openQA Tests action #67072: [qe-core][functional] Investigate how SSSD works with GPO filter list (Active Directory is needed)
Just out of curiosity: you are aware that this feature is in SP2 since Janaury and that we are in June now and at GMC?


08:36 openQA Tests action #64845: [sle][migration][SLE15SP3] Enhance tests to not repeat "patch_sle" in so many scenarios
Wei Gao: as you are the Product Owner for SP3 I would like to assign that ticket to you. Could you please look into t...

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