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08:54 am openQA Tests action #44915: [sle][migration][sle15sp1] test fails in vino_screensharing_available - no vino, n...
Hello Lemon, this failure happens in the functional job group as well. I think that is a more generic problem, please...


05:22 am openQA Tests action #42764: [functional][y][epic][smt] revisit smt testing strategy
The migration team performs quite some migration tests on SMT and also on RMT and they have both installed. So they s...


08:48 am openQA Tests action #42464: [functional][u][saga] remote system management: salt, sles+suma, sles+storage (ter...
Yes, agreed, we need to get more information here from different parties. I know also that James from QA CSS got some...


06:53 am openQA Infrastructure action #41189: [tools][functional][u][monitoring] Worker 'reachable' notifications sent form Graf...
Thanks a lot for the Dashboard! That is really cool!


01:26 pm openQA Tests action #34924 (Rejected): [PjM][epic][tools] Share openQA Hardware between SUSE and openSUSE
Hi, I am fine to reject that ticket if that is so complicated.


09:28 am openQA Tests action #15148: [sle][functional][y] Network Installations - HTTPS
Hi Rodion, I saw that you discussed that topic in the IRC recently. I got the request to test that really a long time...


08:38 am openQA Tests action #35563: [sle][migration][sle15] Remove the workaround of bsc#1070233
JWSun, thanks for fixing that so quickly! I hope we can see our first green migration testcase soon ;-)
07:03 am openQA Tests action #35883: [functional][u] test fails in php7_postgresql96
I think that is a duplicate of:
06:55 am openQA Tests action #34351: [qam] test fails in wireshark - adjustments needed in SLE15 due to new UI
Stefan Behlert told me that he would like to see a fix of that Testcasea asap and he pointed that out already to QA s...


02:27 pm openQA Tests action #34411: [sle][migration] Bsc#1086818 Migration: new modules not correctly added
Yet another email thread between Sunny and Thorsten:
On Thu, Apr 12, Yan Sun wrote:
> On 04/09/2018 07:2...

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