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09:23 openQA Tests action #67072: [functional][u] Investigate how SSSD works with GPO filter lest (Active Directory is needed)
Just out of curiosity: you are aware that this feature is in SP2 since Janaury and that we are in June now and at GMC?


08:36 openQA Tests action #64845: [sle][migration][SLE15SP3] Enhance tests to not repeat "patch_sle" in so many scenarios
Wei Gao: as you are the Product Owner for SP3 I would like to assign that ticket to you. Could you please look into t...


07:17 openQA Tests action #64947: [desktop] remove workaround for boo#1086425 if possible / reduce duplicate handling / verify bug
Update from the weekly qa status meeting: the desktop team is looking into that, issue is not forgotten


12:13 openQA Tests action #64833: [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP3] Add testcase with recommended modules from SLES 15 SP1 to SP2 on powerVM on spvm backend
FYI some documentation:


09:21 openQA Infrastructure action #33127: [sle][s390x][infrastructure][hard] set up dedicated z/VM for (open)QA on our new storage system
just out of curiosity: is that done now? I know that we will get new HW in April for Live Patching as well.


08:36 openQA Tests action #18194: [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] save solver-testcase for "patch_before_migration" and other setup steps
Hello Wei Gao,
thanks for the updates. Michael Andres suggested that we add the solver-testcase to **every** testc...


13:47 openQA Tests action #18194: [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] save solver-testcase for "patch_before_migration" and other setup steps
Well, that is the question to the QA migration team, why do you not implement that into the migration testcases?


10:50 openQA Tests action #62954: [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] test fails in system_prepare - Connection closed
Wei Gao, any update here?


15:33 openQA Tests action #62699: [functional][u] test fails in addon_products_sle - Timeout registering to SCC
Any update here? Could we get that fixed for RC1? It seems not to be too complicated?


11:24 openQA Tests action #46190: [functional][u] test fails in user_settings - mistyping in Username (lowercase instead of uppercase)
I have talked to Alex Herzig and he has talked to Stefan Behlert -> they do not agree on OLi's suggestion and now the...

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