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08:13 openQA Tests action #138269: [hana-perf] Support autoyast and ipxe installation in HANA performance testing
Hello @dawei_pang, what is the correct label for the team: [hana-perf]? maritawerner


13:37 openQA Tests action #135722: [qe-core] Sysctl: unexpected value 15064/ expected 15070
@acarvajal is that for your team? And if yes, how do I label it? With this label:[sap]? or [qe-sap] maritawerner


08:16 openQA Tests action #134951: test fails in Sysctl
@dimstar could we close that ticket? Does the fix work? maritawerner


14:09 openQA Tests action #133514: [qe-core] zypper lifecycle fails currently, but not seen by openqa.
@sebchlad is that for the QE Kernel team? maritawerner


11:48 openQA Tests action #132191: [desktop] After SDDM 0.20, kde-wayland switches test to wrong VT on shutdown
@zcjia is that for your team to have a look? maritawerner


08:09 openQA Tests action #131366: [opensuse] test fails in hostname on `@cpu_max` machine
@favogt could you have a look please? maritawerner


07:26 openQA Tests action #117811: [opensuse] test fails in boot_encrypt: Skip boot_encrypt with new grub2 submission
@favogt could we close that ticket? maritawerner


08:18 openQA Tests action #122176: [ppc64le][y] test fails in bootloader - waiting for lpar x to shutdown
Is that ticket still valid? I think adding [y] has no effect because the yast and migration team uses its own sub pro... maritawerner


09:37 openQA Infrastructure action #129121: performance: various tests fail receiving data at usable speed over the internet
Hello Qe tools team! I had a short discussion with Dominik on Slack:
"as to 'who to look at it' - that's a very good...


08:10 openQA Tests action #129029: [opensuse] add_box_virtualbox: timeout downloading/installing image from vagrantcloud
Dan, I assign it to you, not sure if you still maintain that but Let's give it a try :-). maritawerner

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