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01:35 am openQA Project action #50264 (Rejected): dbicdh/_common/upgrade/65-66/ crashes causing openQA...
I hadn't used my openQA instance in a long while and after I updated it now crashes trying to migrate
I am running...


07:15 am openSUSE Release Process action #9696 (Resolved): clean up patterns
actually make it resolved so I don't get emails about it anymore


07:33 am openSUSE Release Process action #9696 (In Progress): clean up patterns
I'm going to call this done now, there's probably more that could be done but its now much tidier


01:48 pm openQA Tests action #16122: [functional][u] Idea: a test / API that verifies that package X does not pull in (...
This would also be really useful for creating SLE-16 when the time comes to ensure that patterns are not pulling in p...


12:58 am openSUSE Release Process action #11358: software-opensuse-org.pot
lnussel wrote:
> this one might be obsolete with the new page by Richard. So new tools are probably needed for the n...


03:34 am openSUSE Release Process action #11352: opensuse-search-page.pot is the submission, we also need a checklist item to "remove translatio...

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