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13:25 ZSystems tickets #97616: Test public Fedora base image
Fedora has got an equal container registry as we have got.
The disadvantage is, that you can not see any architectur...


17:44 ZSystems tickets #97607: OKD on openSUSE
We should test it on openSUSE Leap 15.3
The installation instruction for Docker is (the same as SLES because of th...


15:17 ZSystems tickets #97634 (New): Create Container Image for PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL can be built successfully, but no container image exist.
Contribute a new Dockerfile for PostgreSQL to ...
15:07 ZSystems tickets #97631 (New): Enable Kibana for s390x
Kibana exists for the other architectures, but not for s390x:
15:00 ZSystems tickets #97628 (Workable): Enable elasticsearch for s390x
Elasticsearch exists for x86 on openSUSE Tumbleweed in our security repository:
14:53 ZSystems tickets #97625 (New): Enable logstash for s390x
Logstash exists with successful builds for x86 in our security repository:
14:45 ZSystems tickets #97622 (New): Enable Image prometheus-webhook-snmp
The image prometheus-webhook-snmp exists has got a restriction to aarch64 and x86:
14:36 ZSystems tickets #97619 (New): Enable Grafana Image for s390x
Grafana exists for x86 as a container image.
The image is available in OBS at our project at:
13:41 ZSystems tickets #97616 (Workable): Test public Fedora base image
We want to create container images based on Fedora for applications based on Red Hat technologies also.
Therefore, i...
13:38 ZSystems tickets #97613 (Workable): Container Image WildFly based on openSUSE
WildFly is a well known application server and the open-source version of JBoss.
Therefore, we want to provide WildF...

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