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13:42 openQA Tests action #75409 (Resolved): [qe-core][qem] [thunderbird] thunderbird behavior changed
Marking as Resolved and created ticket 89503 to finish the scheduling, also planned for this sprint but Martin does n...
13:41 openQA Tests action #89503 (In Progress): [qe-core] Schedule thunderbird tests for sp1 and sp2
Continuation of
PR merged an...
09:13 openQA Tests action #89314 (Workable): [qe-core] test fails in select_patterns - sub select_specific_patterns_by_iteration needs to be fixed
08:47 openQA Tests action #78536 (In Progress): [qe-core][opensuse] GNOME 3.38: test fails in nautilus_permission
08:46 openQA Tests action #76747: [tools] Needle masks do not handle matches with offsets
The generic needle offset handling something to be evaluated by the openQA developers.
08:35 openQA Tests action #73627 (Workable): [qe-core][migration][functional] Move common-criteria pattern out of allpatterns tests


10:33 openQA Tests action #71965 (Blocked): [qe-core] Samba against active directoy for SLE15-SP3
Blocked by 72169 which is In Progress
10:18 openQA Tests coordination #66400 (Workable): [qe-core][epic][qem][systemd] test fails in 1_systemd
10:17 openQA Tests coordination #66400: [qe-core][epic][qem][systemd] test fails in 1_systemd
Change this to epic & coordination ticket, everything to be split into sub-tasks.


08:42 openQA Tests action #87791: [s390x] Extend test suite for openSUSE Tumbleweed/s390x
(sorry, I didn't update this tab after yesterday since didn't notice it was already updated, but will give my bits re...

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