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08:14 pm openSUSE admin communication #38162 (Closed): 2018-08-07 18:00 UTC: openSUSE:Heroes meeting August 2018
08:04 pm openSUSE admin communication #39290 (New): 2018-09-04 18:00 UTC: openSUSE:Heroes meeting September 2018
Where: irc://irc.freenode.net/#openSUSE-admin IRC channel
When: 2018-09-04 18:00 UTC / 20:00 CEST
Who: The openSUSE...
06:48 pm openSUSE admin tickets #39203: Publishing of openSUSE:Factory:RISCV does not work
Andreas and Adrian, can you please keep the/this ticket number in the subject to avoid opening a new ticket with ever...


01:21 pm openSUSE admin tickets #39173 (Resolved): keyserver1: /srv/sks nearly full
Monitoring says that the /srv/sks partition on keyserver1 is nearly full.
The reason is probably that there are lo...


11:27 am openSUSE admin tickets #38282: closure of unused mailing lists
After I wrote to opensuse-doc that we won't shut it down it because of the recent activity, several people stated tha...


03:43 pm openSUSE admin tickets #9976 (Closed): openSUSE News - RSS broken?
It's finally fixed again :-)


02:57 pm openSUSE admin tickets #38918 (New): ntp{2,3}.infra.o.o don't answer ntp requests
ntp2.infra.o.o and ntp3.infra.o.o don't answer ntp requests, only ntp1 (aka freeipa) works:
water (en.o.o sea...


10:02 pm openSUSE admin tickets #38570 (New): salt: replace profile.sysctl files with sysctl.present or formula
salt/profile/sysctl/ contains several files with sysctl settings.
Having these settings managed with `sysctl.prese...


10:11 am openSUSE admin tickets #38159: Look into adding these additional headers to download.o.o
> c) Content-Security-Policy
> [...]
> On download.o.o, we don't refer to content elsewhere, so I suggest Content-S...


09:01 pm openSUSE admin tickets #38384 (In Progress): widehat: /srv/ftp full
Monitoring says the /srv/ftp partition on widehat is full again :-(
Please check why that happened ;-)
BTW: My ...

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