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03:30 pm openSUSE admin tickets #55901 (Resolved): Certs for infra openVPN expired
Since the NetworkManager configuration in my laptop still didn't work with the new password and the new cert files, I...


08:41 am openQA Tests action #41948 (New): [functional][y] New test for formatting/mounting/encrypting a whole disk
The YaST partitioner now allows to "edit" a whole disk with no partitions. See
08:39 am openQA Tests action #41945 (Resolved): [functional][y] Adapt the test to the new UI of the partitioner
In order to accommodate all the new functionality of the Partitioner (like the possibility of creating partitions wit...


04:10 pm openQA Tests action #41876 (Resolved): [sle][functional][y][feature:dev:done][timeboxed:8h] jsc#SLE-3170 fate#...
Starting with yast2-storage-ng 4.1.21, it's possible to create new bcache devices with the Expert Partitioner. It wou...


11:40 am openQA Tests action #41276 (Resolved): [functionality][y][research] Test partitions on an MD RAID
Now it's possible to manage partitions within a software MD RAID. As part of the change, the interface for managing R...


01:21 pm openQA Tests action #40682 (Resolved): [functional][y] full disk as LVM PV
In the partitioner is possible to create an LVM VG on top of partitions and disks (without partition table) alike. I'...
01:19 pm openQA Tests action #40679 (Blocked): [functional][y] whole disk as part of an MD RAID
This pull request adds the possibility to the partitioner of defining an MD RAID array on top of full disks, not only...
01:18 pm openQA Tests action #40676 (Resolved): [functional][y] Adapt to the new workflow of "Create New Partition Table"
See more details at


12:33 pm openSUSE Leap 42.2 Release action #13422:


11:10 am openSUSE Leap 42.2 Release action #12426 (Closed): prepare

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