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08:53 am openQA Infrastructure action #53285: all o3 workers fail with "Can't locate DBIx/Class/"
Think i know how to fix it.


12:29 pm openQA Project action #52934 (Resolved): [o3] AMQP does not send any events
This should be resolved.


03:56 pm openQA Project action #52685 (In Progress): Support customizing port numbers
10:13 am openQA Project action #46778 (Resolved): [epic] Replace dbus with HTTP
All patches have been merged, so this issue should be resolved.
10:12 am openQA Project action #46802 (Resolved): Replace D-Bus with plain HTTP


01:20 pm openQA Project action #52685: Support customizing port numbers
This is a good idea. We also have some fullstack tests that set port numbers manually, that could probably be simplif...


03:29 pm openQA Project action #46802: Replace D-Bus with plain HTTP
Opened another (and hopefully final) PR for removing the final traces of D-Bus in openQA.


02:52 pm openQA Project action #51935: Better logging from scheduler+working why jobs are *not* picked up
This looks like it might overlap with my refactoring of the scheduler, so i'll give it a try.
02:48 pm openQA Project action #49886 (Resolved): Foreign key violation for limit_assets minion job on OSD


01:41 pm openQA Project action #46802: Replace D-Bus with plain HTTP
I've opened a PR for replacing D-Bus with HTTP in the websocket serve...

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