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06:31 openQA Infrastructure action #160646: multiple multi-machine test failures, no GRE tunnels are setup between machines anymore at all size:M
Could we please merge solution? I think thanks to limitation to one worker we have pending jobs for 3 days like https... pcervinka


08:51 qe-yam action #158458: Increase RAM for test cases "yast-mru-install-minimal-with-addons" in "YaST Maintenance Updates", aarch64 and x86_64
Yes, I confirm the same. There are no installer issues in HPC installation jobs. pcervinka


07:27 qe-yam action #158458: Increase RAM for test cases "yast-mru-install-minimal-with-addons" in "YaST Maintenance Updates", aarch64 and x86_64
We had another strange failure in installation and looks ... pcervinka


12:10 qe-yam action #158458: Increase RAM for test cases "yast-mru-install-minimal-with-addons" in "YaST Maintenance Updates", aarch64 and x86_64
We notice similar issue and QEMURAM=4096 didn't help. pcervinka


11:03 openQA Project action #157342 (New): Partial product re-scheduling scheduled whole build
We have development group for 15-SP6 Online x86_64 architecture
There was...


07:12 openQA Infrastructure action #156460: Potential FS corruption on osd due to 2 VMs accessing the same disk
I'm checking results in maintenance dashboard and i can see pcervinka


07:54 openQA Tests action #154792: [qe-core][qem]test fails in select_patterns, the failure might be caused by new needle 'packages-section-selected-20240201'
We faced issue in HPC installation job
It looks fine a...


06:51 openQA Project action #126032: iso posts do not start all the children chain
Its not kernel or HPC issue and it is not clear what @ybonatakis was observing as issue is not present now. pcervinka


06:42 openQA Project action #152389: significant increase in MM-test failure ratio 2023-12-11: test fails in multipath_iscsi and other multi-machine scenarios due to MTU size auto_review:"ping with packet size 1350 failed, problems with MTU" size:M
There is another round of MTU issues pcervinka


08:45 openQA Tests action #76933 (Rejected): [opensuse] Add clojure test to Tumbleweed
There is no interest anymore. pcervinka

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