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09:46 am openQA Project action #41780: [ppc64] Settings in Qemu 3.0 seem to be troublesome
I faced quite similar error during worker setup on ppc64le on SLE15.
[2018-12-05T06:28:19.240 CET] [debug] QEMU: Q...
08:38 am openQA Tests action #28132: [ha] Multimachine setup for pp64le and s390x
ldevulder wrote:
> - I was able to workaround the first issue by using virtio-console access and virtio-gpu, but aft...


10:08 am openQA Tests action #44696 (In Progress): [qam] test fails in sshd - user password is weak
## Observation
openQA test in scenario opensuse-Tumbleweed-GNOME-Live-x86_64-gnome-live@uefi-2G fails in
08:07 am openQA Tests action #44681 (Rejected): [qam] multipath test fails in boot_to_desktop. Job is cancelled after t...
Already fixed, this is old run.


01:36 pm openQA Tests action #44483: [qam] test fails in rhythmbox
PR created by osukup https://github.com/os-autoinst/os-autoinst-distri-opensuse/pull/6323/
09:53 am openQA Tests action #44483: [qam] test fails in rhythmbox
Please check possible issue with autoyast profile.


12:45 pm openQA Tests action #43982: [qam] [12-SP4] test fails in apparmor
There is no active maintainer of the test. If you won't fix it your self it will fail forever in 12SP4 in same way li...


08:21 am openQA Tests action #41030: [qam] test fails in updates_packagekit_kde - zypper update requires additional ins...
To track work in particular team where the work was done.


08:50 am openQA Tests action #43166: [functional][y] test fails in zypper_lifecycle_toolchain - expiration date of gcc7...
@okurz and @rwx788 yes, i would suggest to don't change current behavior as it helped to discover a bug. If there is...


10:44 am openQA Tests action #43244: [sle][functional][u] test fails in ntp_client - new test fails on sle15
@dheidler thank you for clarification

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