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[epic] Handle openQA review failures in Yam squad

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With this epic we will track all those fixes required in our test found during openQA review that do not require a complete redesign, but only some modification. It can also track tickets where we need some additional work to provide info in a bug.
Small improvement can also be tracked here.

Acceptance criteria

AC1: Test are fixed/enhanced according to bug recommendation/squad code standards.


action #108995: test fails in yast_users- timeoutResolvedrainerkoenig

action #115487: Unschedule from test suites in Migration - Regression job group all test modules unrelated with migrationResolvedzoecao

action #115622: Install kdumptool where needed and fix synchronization failure in yast kdump moduleResolvedleli

action #116767: Move test suite rmt_server_install from 'YaST' to 'Migration: Milestone' job groupResolvedjgwang

action #117100: Adjust bootloader_start on s390x to new YaST start messageResolvedshukui

action #117211: Add sync after dd in snapper_cleanup_timelineResolvedcoolgw

action #117949: Apply workaround to force screen refresh on YaST Qt windowResolvedrainerkoenig

action #118336: Enhance code to make sure boot_to_desktop work for ppc64le Resolvedgeor

action #118993: Split register_extensions_and_modules to handle separately additional registrationResolvedtinawang123

action #119515: Wrong entry selected in grub menu after migration with AutoYaSTIn Progresstinawang123

action #119581: Track: how to distinguish these tags(bootloader, grub, inst-bootmenu) in needlesResolvedgeor

action #119584: Improve workaround for processing the last item for pattern selectionResolvedgeor

action #119656: [Timebox: 8h] Try to increase RAM to settle the loadResolvedjgwang

action #119662: openldap_to_389ds module failed because of dependency issueResolvedsyrianidou_sofia

action #120013: Install open-iscsi package in iscsi_clientResolvedgeor

action #120049: Adapt openqa test setting for SLES 15 SP3 LTSS in MigrationResolvedzoecao

action #120079: test fails in ibft as it is expecting an IPv4 address where a hostname is provided after #109241Resolvedgeor

action #120100: Change validation for verifying secure boot after jsc#PED-1409Resolvedgeor

action #120142: Ensure access to console in s390x kvm instance over sshResolvedgeor

action #120354: Move case rmt_server_install to a milestone flavorResolvedzoecao

action #120411: Apply firewall restart after each command that change configuration only in SLEResolvedtinawang123

action #120429: Increase timeout when checking if YaST logs can be uploadedResolvedgeor

action #120444: Revisit wrong settings for HA migrationsResolvedtinawang123

action #120450: Call conditionally systemd-vconsole-setup before accessing virtual consoles to avoid wrong visualization with ncursesNew

action #120639: Fix check for network restart in yast2_lan_restart* test modulesResolvedzoecao

action #120711: Move the "disable_installation_repos" ahead of registration for online migration casesResolvedzoecao

action #120714: [Research 24h] Investigate test fails in iscsi_client with wrong exit codeResolvedcoolgw

action #120831: [Research: 16h] Research recent iscsi failuresResolvedcoolgw

action #120838: Move autoyast_create_hdd_gnome from Functional to YaST groupResolvedtinawang123

action #120852: Move ssh-X@ppc64le-hmc-single-disk to YaST development job groupResolvedtinawang123

action #120858: Configure all PowerVM test suite to use `START_AFTER_TEST` with some chosen basic PowerVM test suite per flavorResolvedzoecao

action #121021: upgrade_snapshots fails in post_run_hook due to no promptResolvedJRivrain

action #121618: Fix the unexpected return value for dhcp-server of install_serviceResolvedrainerkoenig

action #121648: Make stable 'yast2-keyboard-ui' in YaSTResolvedtinawang123

action #121912: Create test suite to configure support server for SLE 15 SP4Resolvedzoecao

action #121948: yast2_rmt not build for i586Resolvedgeor

action #122020: Try if spvm console can help with the sporadic issues found for PowerVMResolvedhjluo

action #122167: Move all svirt-xen-pv scenarios booting in graphical mode to Develpmet job groupResolvedhjluo

action #122206: Avoid booting from snapshot in PowerKVM for migrationsResolvedsyrianidou_sofia

action #122224: yast2_lan_restart_vlan fails due to change in devices orderResolvedrainerkoenig

action #122227: Clean up 'Migration: HA' job groupResolvedzoecao

action #122794: Add yast log error 'Invalid path .value."eth0".NAME' as known errorResolvedsyrianidou_sofia

action #122851: Increase timeout in yast2_clone_system for aarch64Resolvedsyrianidou_sofia

action #122977: Adapt SLE 15 SP3 for LTSS in YaST MaintenanceResolvedtinawang123

action #123067: In text mode, send_key home cannot work at s390xResolvedleli

action #123076: Unify qam-yast_self_update+15@uefi for sle15sp3 and sle15sp4 using single test module for registrationWorkable

action #123145: [Research 8h] Ensure screensaver is not trigger in yast2_software_managementResolvedJRivrain

action #123394: Fix the hibernation_enabled issue on aarch64ResolvedJRivrain

action #123418: Use IP instead of WORKER_HOSTNAME when expanding variables with AutoYaST in iscsi scenarioResolvedsyrianidou_sofia

action #123424: Adapt AutoYaST logic to run with ncurses in powervmResolvedleli

action #123427: Avoid erasing disk in modify_existing_partition in PowerVM or remove scenarioRejected

action #123460: Provide workaround for iscsi failure bsc#1207157Resolvedgeor

action #123646: Run statistical investigation regarding RAM/CPU for Installer regarding bsc#1207284ResolvedJRivrain

action #123691: Add installation in staging with VIDEOMODE text modeResolvedzoecao

action #123739: Default config now written to /etc/chrony.d/poolsResolvedshukui

action #123924: Drop yast2-soundResolvedrainerkoenig

action #124038: Provide correct schedule for test suite guided_ext4Resolvedhjluo

action #124047: Switch to backend spvm backend for YaST and Migration job groupsResolvedJRivrain

action #124140: [qe-yam] test fails in confirm_installation - new license pop up for java-1_8_0-ibmWorkablesyrianidou_sofia

action #124158: open-iscsi now uses /var/lib/iscsi, no longer /etc/iscsiResolvedshukui

action #124361: Add YAML_SCHEDULE_DEFAULT per test suite instead of as defaultIn Progresshjluo

action #124367: Need update 'YAML_SCHEDULE' file, it should be used with 'YAML_SCHEDULE_DEFAULT'Resolvedtinawang123

action #124418: License screen in s390x is using different UI controls now that SUMA is not thereResolvedhjluo

action #124421: Unschedule test modules after sapconf in SAP migrationResolvedJRivrain

action #124427: Need update autoyast profile as bsc#1208174Resolvedshukui

action #124433: drop test yast2_http: yast module has been removedResolvedleli

action #124511: License agreement only showed once for migrations SLE 15 SP5 for s390x due to not SUMA displayedResolvedleli

action #124514: Fix msdos_partition_table providing reasonable test dataResolvedJRivrain

action #124574: Fix PowerVM incomplete job and disk selection with correct configurationResolvedrainerkoenig

action #124583: Ensure to press next in nis_serverResolvedtinawang123

action #124586: Update test data due to spvm worker seems to have less disk sizeResolvedJRivrain

action #124592: Increase timeout for yast2_software_managementResolvedhjluo

action #124610: Catch regression when sending right key when switching to tab Bootloader Options in ncursesIn Progresstinawang123

action #124676: Ensure all test modules in staging are using libyui-rest-apiIn Progressrainerkoenig

action #124781: Fix "DESKTOP" : "textmode" after moving to spvmResolvedleli

action #124787: Address some refactor for the workaround issue bsc#1207157Workable

action #124811: Add an offline AutoYast scenario (full media no registration) in YaST job groupResolvedzoecao

action #124856: Need set MIGRATION_METHOD correctlyResolvedleli

action #124862: Fix check_system_info related issuesResolvedrainerkoenig

action #124874: Update 'Migration: other test' job group and trigger with PublicBetaResolvedtinawang123

action #124889: Avoid removing official repos and add openQA repos twice in aarch Leap 15.5Resolvedleli

action #124916: Resolve conflicts for SMT cases in migration milestone groupFeedbackrainerkoenig

action #124964: Replace the leap cases with leap15.5 in Migration: Others job groupIn Progresshjluo

action #124967: Remove the continuous migration cases starting from 15GA in Migration: others job groupResolvedtinawang123

action #124985: Workaround refreshment issue poo#124652 with existing workaround or using libyui-rest-apiResolvedleli

action #125018: Fix mismatched parameter error in bootloader parametersResolvedgeor

action #125024: Check migration with AutoYaST which never workedRejectedleli

action #125036: Remove soft-failure for bsc#1083486 in yast2_nfs_serverResolvedshukui

action #125069: Remove soft-failure bsc#1195046Resolvedshukui

action #125078: Bypass collecting logs where we fail doing network checkResolvedgeor

action #125099: Update cases to use RMT server instead of SMT server to do register at milestone job groupIn ProgressJRivrain

action #125105: Remove additional test modules scheduled by after regression migrationResolvedleli

action #125348: No bounce back then display manager can't be shownResolvedtinawang123

action #125351: Need update test code to select option and close dialog of language-change-required-update-folderResolvedleli

action #125717: [sporadic] test fails in openldap_to_389dsWorkable

action #125741: Apply workaround and unmount first before ending iscsi session (only for SLE 15 SP5)Resolvedleli

action #125753: Retry command in iscsi_configuration to list the iscsi disk before wiping itIn ProgressJRivrain

action #125777: Fix HA mapping in check_system_infoResolvedrainerkoenig

action #125786: Fix ONLINE_MIGRATION on job group levelResolvedshukui

action #125804: Increase timeout execution in the Continuos migration scenariosIn Progresshjluo

action #125807: Try out if error in orphaned_packages_check goes away using fresh interactive installationResolvedsyrianidou_sofia

action #125849: Duplicate AutoYaST job to create gnome image for SAP horizontal migrationWorkable

action #125891: Apply workaround of bsc#1195046 for all archesResolvedleli

action #125894: Bypass collecting logs where we fail doing network check - Part 2Resolvedzoecao

action #125927: Need wait more time for grub2 during continuous migration testResolvedzoecao

action #125933: Update setting to fix test fails in reboot_to_upgrade for continuous migrationResolvedleli

action #125954: Workaround refreshment issue poo#124652 in iscsi_server for SLE 15 SP5 onlyResolvedleli

action #125957: Bump timeout in yast2_kdump_use_fadumpResolvedleli

action #125963: Correct wrong settings DROPPED_MODULES in Misc. scenarioResolvedtinawang123

action #125969: Wrong setting in Misc. scenario in boot_to_desktop for spvmResolvedtinawang123

action #125999: Ensure to select bond port yast2_lan_restart_bondWorkable

action #126107: Remove RETRY in power KVM jobs for Yam job groupsIn Progresshjluo

action #126125: As disk space limit, we need reduce modules for regression migration cases at powerVMWorkable

action #126128: Move online_sles15sp2_pscc_basesys-srv-desk-dev_rmt_all_full from Migration Misc to Migration Milestone job groupResolvedhjluo

action #126143: test fails in bootloader_start for ipmi workerWorkable

action #126227: Wrong mount point for swap in autoyast_home_encrypted.xmlIn Progressshukui

action #126293: Change WORKER_CLASS from 390-kvm-sle{12,15} to s390-kvmIn Progresssyrianidou_sofia

Related issues

Related to qe-yam - coordination #121957: [saga] Consolidation of test coverage in Yam squadIn Progress2022-12-14


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