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11:39 qe-yast action #94904 (Closed): Replace partitioning and partitioning_finish modules
08:59 qe-yast action #96248 (New): test fails in firstboot_finish_setup sporadically due user creation is quite slow
We should make the test stable, increase the general timeout or apply custom solution in this point as the user creat...
08:24 qe-yast action #91842: [Timebox: 8h] test fails sporadically in transactional_update
current failure in first builds of SLE-15-SP4:


13:50 qe-yast action #94069: Unify test data for guided partitioning
we should wait with this until we progress further with interactive installation, as we might not even need test data...
13:48 qe-yast action #94069 (New): Unify test data for guided partitioning
11:21 qe-yast action #95392 (Closed): Expand functionality of prepare_profile module
11:21 qe-yast action #94883 (Closed): Implement test module for switching keyboard layout
11:20 qe-yast action #95476 (Workable): Implement test module for system registration during installation
06:50 qe-yast action #96155 (New): Improve YAML schedule: reducing content and considing reducing number of files
Once we finish redisigning most of the test modules in interactive installation we should have a good picture to tack...


11:45 qe-yast action #96101 (New): Investigate why we cannot restore raid disk in validate_lvm_raid1
## Observation
openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP4-Online-x86_64-lvm+RAID1@uefi fails in

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