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14:48 openQA Tests action #90713 (New): [Timebox:8h] investigate sporadic failure in partitioning_filesystem
## Observation
Happened twice recently. Currently the default is already btrfs, but we still do a send_key_until_n...
13:08 qe-yast action #90707 (New): [Timebox:8h] investigate sporadic failure in shutdown
This failure happened twice recently in this specific test. It may happen as well in other places. Could be that the ...


16:19 qe-yast action #90368 (New): Create qcow with libyui pre-installed (or update existing ones to include it)
In some cases, like for running libyui in pre-installed system, we have to install libyui every time. in the case of ...


16:51 qe-yast action #90071: SLE 15 SP3 Release Candidate 1 exploratory testing
So far, nothing to report, I found only bugs already reported and this trivial one


15:54 qe-yast action #73474: Add more modules to yast2_firstboot
Spending more time, as I decided to use libyui and POM for firstboot. It's not the direct scope of this thicket, but ...


16:02 qe-yast action #89866 (New): Replace assert_screen calls by libyui asserts in firstboot
I tried to introduce a way to assert clients (modules) using libyui's debug_label in firstboot, but this is not suppo...


17:49 qe-yast action #89638 (Workable): libyui-rest-api does not report errors when querying wrong widgets, and debug labels cannot be query'd.
If we run a query like http://server:port/v1/widgets?debug_label=SomeText, it returns a json like the one attached (w...


15:50 qe-yast action #73477 (Closed): Modify firstboot configuration for yast2_firstboot_custom
It's been working for quite a while already, closing.


17:05 qe-yast action #88621 (Workable): [Timebox:8h] test fails in yast_dns_server
17:04 qe-yast action #88621 (Closed): [Timebox:8h] test fails in yast_dns_server
## Observation
I don't really know the purpose and the expected outcome of the "Dig" command here. That module is ma...

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