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09:57 am openQA Tests action #60932 (Resolved): [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] test fails in upgrade_snapshots - snapper li...
In the log, snapper list returns in 20+s. I think the failed case reproduced the issue for openQA run tests in paral...
08:13 am openQA Tests action #65226 (New): [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] Remove '-f' for reboot after full update in patch...
Just as the comments #40 from Egbert and my reply, we need remove '-f' of reboot in patch_sle.
(In reply to Egbert...
06:41 am openQA Tests action #60932 (In Progress): [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] test fails in upgrade_snapshots - snapper...
Clone with timeout_scale=3, wait http://openqa.nue.suse.com/tests/4084034.
02:46 am openQA Tests action #64258 (Workable): [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2][Regression]test fails in grub_test_snapshot:...
Same issue found https://openqa.nue.suse.com/tests/4081778#step/grub_test_snapshot/12
02:37 am openQA Tests action #63724: [functional][y][sporadic][fast] "Stall was detected" in accept license, only with ...
Hi Rodion, do you think this is the same issue? https://openqa.nue.suse.com/tests/4081755#step/first_boot/10
01:08 am openQA Tests action #60152: [sle][Migration][backlog] Automation the RMT test
It is not so urgent to automate RMT test, move it to backlog.
01:06 am openQA Tests action #65055 (Rejected): [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] Create qcow2 with spvm backend
Confirmed with Rodion, PowerVM doesn't support snapshot so we can't create qcow2 for spvm. We need chain jobs to real...


07:43 am openQA Tests action #64833: [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] Add testcase with recommended modules from SLES 15 SP1 ...
okurz wrote:
>> I don't think you can use qcow files on spvm unless you add functionality to deploy spvm VMs from qc...
01:10 am openQA Tests action #64433 (Workable): [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] Can't use vncviewer to debug openQA job on s...
Reopen since same issue found:


10:35 am openQA Tests action #65055 (In Progress): [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] Create qcow2 with spvm backend
Wait https://openqa.nue.suse.com/tests/4067631 for SLES-15-SP1-ppc64le-spvm-GM-allpatterns.qcow2.

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