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Etherpad updated (again)
https://etherpad.opensuse.org/ was upgraded to the latest version.
Added by lrupp 11 days ago

IPv6 for machines in Provo
The mirror server in Provo (and a few other machines) use IPv6 now.
Added by lrupp 28 days ago

Root cause analysis of the OBS downtime 2019-12-14
Sometimes a single cable can make a huge difference. Especially if it is plugged into the wrong port...
Added by lrupp 28 days ago

Piwik -> Matomo
Piwik became Matomo more than a year ago. It's time to follow this rename with some internal adjustments...
Added by lrupp about 1 month ago

status.opensuse.org updated
https://status.opensuse.org/ was.upgraded to a new version, looking it's RSS feeds.
Added by lrupp about 1 month ago

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