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14:11 openSUSE Leap 15.2 action #61359: get openSUSE in the Cloud
AWS and Azure published as of yesterday.


22:09 openSUSE Leap 15.2 action #61359: get openSUSE in the Cloud
AWS images x86_64 & ARM handed over to the AWS MP team for listing in AWS MP.
18:40 openSUSE Leap 15.2 action #61359: get openSUSE in the Cloud
Google image published


11:58 openSUSE admin tickets #54659: Hop count exceeded - possible mail loop (rjschwei)
My mail was migrated to O365 last week Wednesday, which aptly broke mail delivery. I can only apologize for in...


14:03 openSUSE admin tickets #19712: cloud-init project
darix wrote:
> Virtualization:cloud-init as a project name?
> btw if you use the OBS you wont need the COPR any...


14:45 openSUSE Conference 2015 action #5030: Schedule Program
I have sent e-mail to henne, coolo, ludwig, dirk mueller, alex graf, adam spiers, adrian, and dimstar. Each received ...


13:24 openSUSE Conference 2015 action #5004: Geeko money
We used Geeko money as drink tickets to control the cost of the party. this worked out reasonably well and th...
13:19 openSUSE Conference 2015 action #4964: Cookout and/or party
This could be combined with the Kolab group if cost sharing can be worked out. A combined party would probably be fun...
13:18 openSUSE Conference 2015 action #4952: Welcome drink/party
This should be an openSUSE only event, i.e. not shared with the Kolab co-located conference. Should be limited in tim...
13:16 openSUSE Conference 2015 action #4932: Find keynote(s)
The keynotes is usually handled by the CfP committee. I have not seen an announcement of a committee, thus I am not c...

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