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03:17 pm openQA Project action #20004 (New): [tools][infrastructure] openqaw4.qa.suse.de - fix or retire
openqaw4 is currently being used as a IPMI worker target from openqaw2
Unfortunately for some bizarre reason the i...


08:42 am openQA Tests action #19788 (Resolved): [tools][ppc64le][malbec]test fails to type just the simplest small stri...
Malbec is behaving better now


02:38 pm openQA Project action #19758: [tools] simplified ipmi backend for text mode installations
Also needed for SLE 15, Ihno wants aarch64 bare metal testing and their IPMI cards are reliable enough only for this ...


02:30 pm openQA Project action #19706 (New): [tools] Support latest SuperMicro X10 IPMI iKVM
Newer X10 IPMI iKVMs do not work on openQA, but should be able to with latest noVNC
Example system
01:35 pm openQA Tests action #18936 (Resolved): [tools][sles][functional]Enable 3 stress acceptance on s390x
Setup on zkvm, enjoy :)
11:38 am openQA Project action #19694: [tools] refactoring of salt states and pillars for GRE workers openqaworker8 and o...
Yeah, thanks for the headsup :)


12:45 pm openQA Project action #19436: [tools]cache download suddently interrupts within the output of a log message
File SLES-12-gnome-x86_64-gpt.img is currently 240kB
Looks like whatever created that image is broken and the imag...
10:18 am openQA Tests action #12250: [sporadic]"QEMU: usb-kbd: warning: key event queue full" on ppc64le and aarch64
My advice would be to apply the same fix to the tests that I suggested in #19540
I would recommend changing grub_s...


02:45 pm openQA Project action #19552 (New): [tools] Tune up ppc64le workers
After learning increasing QEMUCPU and QEMUTHREADS to 2 paradoxically improves ppc64le worker efficiency, we now have ...
02:43 pm openQA Tests action #18924 (Resolved): [tools][sles][functional] test fails in grub_test - grub screen was not...

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