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04:19 pm openQA Tests action #30628 (Resolved): [kubic][caasp]kubic/libstorage-ng adjustments needed


12:37 pm openQA Tests action #30628 (Feedback): [kubic][caasp]kubic/libstorage-ng adjustments needed
Adjustments made, now hitting boo#1077038


12:16 pm openQA Project action #23914: [tools][dashboard] Tests overview only shows one distri
but Tumbleweed is one 'product' that contains multiple distris
just as SLE 15 is one 'product' that will contain m...
12:01 pm openQA Project action #23914 (Resolved): [tools][dashboard] Tests overview only shows one distri
Dashboard Tests overview results only show a single distri
eg. https://openqa.opensuse.org/tests/overview?distri=o...


09:57 am openQA Tests action #19470 (Resolved): [Tools] long waiting time for aarch64 sle builds to complete


09:00 am openQA Tests action #20242: [tools][sle 15] rsync.pl enablement for SLE 15
it's missing because OBS hasn't produced valid media:
SLE-15-Leanos-DVD-x86_64-Build132.2-Media1.iso: repo SLE-15-...


11:58 am openQA Tests action #19504: [opensuse][kubic]openSUSE Kubic needs to be setup for testing
Assigning ticket to me in advance of it actually being part of my job from 1st Sept
Thanks for the head start, com...
09:54 am openQA Tests action #20984: [sle][functional][sle15] adapt minimal_base+sdk_create_hdd test for sle 15
rpalethorpe wrote:
> Ideally minimal_base+sdk_create_hdd should follow the same naming pattern as install_ltp with t...


02:06 pm openQA Project action #21838 (New): [tools][functional][saga] PowerVM backend
Test/Improve/Run PowerVM backend once Jan has Novalink running on SLES, which will allow openQA to run on the Novalin...
02:05 pm openQA Project action #19552 (Resolved): [tools] Tune up ppc64le workers/enable multi-host ppc64 workers for YaS...

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