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04:22 pm openQA Tests action #60821 (Resolved): test fails in regproxy (missing python3-requests)


11:23 am openSUSE admin tickets #50849: New CNAME request - microos.opensuse.org
Ping - it's been 6 months since the tickety was opened and 4 months since this ticket was last updated..we're still w...


02:28 pm openQA Tests action #47066 (Rejected): [tw] test fails in kubeadm
Not a test bug - was a product bug - fixed by https://build.opensuse.org/request/show/670715


12:55 pm openQA Tests action #45938 (Resolved): [functional][u] disk_boot test in Kubic textmode scenarios fail after 0...
## Observation
Since 09th Jan the disk_boot test on Kubic is failing, but only during it's textmode scenario


01:42 pm openQA Tests action #45770 (Resolved): [functional][y][opensuse] test separate home for TW and leap 15.1
## Motivation
Now that "no separate home" is the default behavior in Leap 15.1 and Tumbleweed, the minimalx+btrfs+no...


10:12 am openQA Project action #43973 (Resolved): WebUI produces invalid links for builds with multiple distris
As of the deployment of Version 4.6.1542530127.60004e2a, openqa.opensuse.org no longer has a webui that produces link...
09:31 am openQA Infrastructure action #43934: Manage o3 infrastructure with salt again
Indeed, this is intentional, but temporarily intentional
Given Salt's habit of exploding spectacularly when the ma...


08:45 am openQA Tests action #42110: [opensuse] New kubic ISO needs to be added for Tumbleweed AArch64 in openQA
I will not have the time to look at this until the middle of November at the earliest, most likely December


12:28 pm openQA Tests action #42020 (Resolved): test fails in overlayfs
11:29 am openQA Tests action #42020 (Feedback): test fails in overlayfs

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