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10:12 openSUSE admin tickets #94375: SSH access to isn't working
I can confirm that SSH access indeed works from the internal network again.
[11:10:56] enno@bussybox /home/en...


12:30 openSUSE admin tickets #93859: openSUSE Meet (Jitsi) is borked after upgrade
okurz wrote:
> Again there were bigger problems last week. Since the last upgrade people seemingly randomly fail to ...


08:34 openSUSE admin tickets #68263: Broken integration due to header on proxy
Can the Jitsi Team help you with that? Or is this purely ha-proxy related?
08:33 openSUSE admin tickets #73330: Fwd: missing "talking" and audio feedback cues?
This should be fixed now.
08:32 openSUSE admin communication #80364: IPv6 is broken
@bmwiedemann is this still a thing with the new instance?
08:32 openSUSE admin tickets #80660: - optimizations
So this ticket is now dragged from the old to the new instance. The new does not require a login (for now).
Jitsi ...
08:28 openSUSE admin communication #81796: 2021-02-02 19:00 UTC: openSUSE Heroes meeting February 2021
Do you desire that the Jitsi-Team gives a small update?
08:27 openSUSE admin tickets #76909: My camera does not work on, but works on
So any news on this one? We progressed a lot on our meet setup and shut down meet2 in the meanwhile.

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