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20:15 openSUSE admin tickets #94375 (Feedback): SSH access to isn't working
cboltz wrote:
> In theory the updates get installed by suse-online-update.timer.
> In practise, suse-online-tim...
09:01 openSUSE admin tickets #81831 (Rejected): OpenSUSE infrastructure migration
No reaction after more than a month. Rejecting....
08:58 openSUSE admin tickets #94381 (Closed): mailman3: need the root filesystem doubled
As the initial request is done, let's close this.
08:57 openSUSE admin tickets #90455 (Closed): random DNS problems causing various issues
Old ticket. Setup has been changed. Closing...
08:54 openSUSE admin tickets #94375 (Closed): SSH access to isn't working
Pharaoh_Atem wrote:
> If it can be set up to be managed by our config management, that's fine with me. As for why it...
08:46 openSUSE admin tickets #93686 (Closed): Postgres currently down
Issue is meanwhile solved by using the latest backup and a clean postgresql12 installation. Closing here.
For furthe...


12:57 openSUSE admin tickets #94195 (Closed): openSUSE survey
I'm sorry, but the deadline for the last survey has already passed.
Please have a look at https://news.opensuse.o...


07:37 openSUSE admin tickets #94192 (Workable): Certificate problem with
07:31 openSUSE admin tickets #95051 (Closed): /srv on widehat is full
/dev/md0p1 19T 18T 656G 97% /srv


09:34 openSUSE admin tickets #92927: repository push is way behind
When I look at /var/log/messages on pontifex, I currently see a lot of such messages:
repopusher: skipping scan...

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