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07:42 am openSUSE admin tickets #54977 (Feedback): kubernetes access broken again
What is the status here? - The Prio is high and nothing happens after 5 months?
Beside the mentioned problem: the ...
07:23 am openSUSE admin tickets #57596 (In Progress): down, renders a page wit...
hennevogel wrote:
07:21 am openSUSE admin tickets #53696 (Closed): need a VM for running a news-server to replace the deprecated setup in P...
Closing here. Please use #53699 for further discussions.
07:20 am openSUSE admin tickets #23728 (Closed): Fwd: Unsubscribed from
lkocman wrote:
> I did have a quicky syncup with Lars and Andreas (Aj@).
07:16 am openSUSE admin tickets #53984 (Closed): Whitelisting my username on gitlab instance
No feedback since >21 days. I think this is fixed, so closing here.
If not, please feel to reopen by just replying.
06:54 am openSUSE admin tickets #62210 (Workable): New Matomo 3.13.1 is available


11:51 pm openSUSE admin tickets #30316: move fontinfo to a new VM
If we put more static content on the narwal machines, I think it's a good idea to add additional storage to them as w...
11:49 pm openSUSE admin tickets #58535: software-o-o VM upgrade Leap 42.3 -> 15.1
lrupp wrote:
> I'm always happy to do a "zypper dup". Just tell me when you have time (Thursday?) to fix your applic...
11:43 pm openSUSE admin tickets #60130 (Closed): problem with
After lots of syncs, I like to define as "back in track" again.
Please note that we disabled s...
11:40 pm openSUSE admin tickets #60136 (Closed): widehat - @ERROR: Unknown module 'repositories-push'
Should be (beside other things like a non-working nginx) fixed meanwhile. There are still some problems left (hotstuf...

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