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15:33 openSUSE admin tickets #89071: Admin rights on Board wiki pages for new Treasurer wrote:
> Can't add any comments to the ticket, since it's still private.
Sorry. I set the t...
14:23 openSUSE admin tickets #89071 (Feedback): Admin rights on Board wiki pages for new Treasurer
The user *sydsb* is not known to the underlying system. Could you please ask him to log in here (https://progress.ope...
07:25 openSUSE admin tickets #68263 (Closed): Broken integration due to header on proxy
No feedback for >14 days, closing.
07:23 openSUSE admin tickets #68657 (Closed): swish-e indexing broken because of wrong config permissions - monitoring needed?
Lists have been moved to hyperkitty -> fixed.


13:26 openSUSE admin tickets #88457 (Feedback): Request for Calendar Subscriptions of openSUSE Meetings / Events
Hi Michael
Let me make this ticket a public one that you might use to refer to in discussions.
In general, we (...
13:17 openSUSE admin tickets #88903 (In Progress): Fwd: - search index not up-to-ate
pjessen wrote:
> Yes, I can confirm that, we have not yet been able to complete a full indexing run of the old archi...
09:08 openSUSE admin communication #80364 (Feedback): IPv6 is broken
Should all be fixed now. Please check and ping back if this still does not work as expected.


15:38 openSUSE admin IPv6 support for machines in US region
Today we reached a new milestone: **all openSUSE services** around the world now support IPv6 natively. The last set ...


09:41 openSUSE admin Playing with Etherpad-lite
When updating to the latest etherpad-lite version 1.8.7 (including quite some bug fixes), we also revisuted the curre...


21:41 openSUSE admin tickets #81224 (Closed): Repeated mails to Redmine
IMHO this should be fixed meanwhile. Closing here.

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