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10:20 openSUSE admin tickets #81908 (In Progress): Request for VM machines in NUE and PRV =>
* create additional machine in the Provo setup
* assign e...


08:40 openSUSE admin tickets #60206 (Workable): Leap 15.2 ppc64le last builds (35.1/2/3) iso not published
08:39 openSUSE admin tickets #68263 (Workable): Broken integration due to header on proxy
08:34 openSUSE admin communication #59923 (Closed): New e-mail servers/infrastructure for openSUSE domains
Closing here: the new servers are in place and up and running since :-)
Special thanks to Per and Christian (and o...
08:32 openSUSE admin tickets #71131 (Closed): twsnapshot.o.o is down / not reachable is reachable again (Firewall is no open for Ports 80/tcp and 443/tcp.
Closing here.


16:16 openSUSE admin tickets #71131 (Feedback): twsnapshot.o.o is down / not reachable
Just followed the debugging path for reference...
from /etc/nginx/vhosts.d/001-tumbleweed-snapshots.conf on provo-m...


12:21 openSUSE admin tickets #36256 (Closed): need source repo to be filled for Leap:15.0:Ports
12:20 openSUSE admin tickets #69325 (Feedback): Fwd: ** PROBLEM Service Alert: is UNKNOWN **
Sorry for asking back: but does the issue still exist?
12:20 openSUSE admin communication #70891: Alias for
cboltz wrote:
> Disclaimer: I have no idea why we have the mailinglist between the world and progress -
> it might ...
12:14 openSUSE admin tickets #69438 (Closed): Please fix dns on
Let's close this, as it looks fixed after >1 month.

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