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20:16 openSUSE admin tickets #81186 (Closed): Improve wording in OBS mail template - Re: Request 856792 created by Admin (delete home:paulfee:branches:home:AndreasSchwab)
Thanks for your suggestion!
Tracked now at - closing here....
19:58 openSUSE admin tickets #90710 (Resolved): Matomo id for lists.o.o
Your sideId is **66**. Your permissions are updated.
~~~ javascript
<!-- Matomo Image Tracker-->
<img referrer...


19:16 openSUSE admin tickets #90230 (Resolved): is extremely unstable
ok, found some time to debug this further.
* etherpad is now updated again to the latest upstream version (but I ...


09:14 openSUSE admin Upgrading to the next PostgreSQL version
Time passes by so quickly: we installed our PostgreSQL cluster around 2008. At least, this was the time of the first ...


12:35 openSUSE admin tickets #90230 (Workable): is extremely unstable
It might either be related to:
* some database changes (enocding?)
* DNS problems?
* problems with a specific plug...
12:31 openSUSE admin tickets #90521 (Feedback): - permissions issue between apache and dehydrated [was: beans.o.o down]
Thanks for fixing it and identifying the root case as well!
cboltz wrote:
> -> I'll keep the ticket open until we...


15:06 openSUSE admin tickets #90230 (Feedback): is extremely unstable
I have to admit that I have currently not really an idea what might go wrong. With the current log level, there is no...


23:03 openSUSE admin tickets #68042 (Closed): Stale files on
23:00 openSUSE admin tickets #89029 (Workable): OpenSuse GPG keys in DNS
Hi Miroslav
Nice idea - 100% supported!
Let's clarify this with our DNS and Release-Gurus (which might take some ...
22:44 openSUSE admin communication #89368 (Closed): 2021-03-09 19:00 UTC nftables hands-on meeting
done +

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