Thank you, SUSE QE

The SUSE Quality Engineering Linux Systems Group sponsored two professional plugins from RedmineUP for this instance here at
Added by lrupp over 2 years ago

Some here might not know it, but some teams from the 'SUSE Quality Engineering Linux Systems Group' use the Redmine installation here at to track the results of the test automation for openSUSE products. Especially openQA feature requests are tracked and coordinated here.

As the plain Redmine installation does not provide all wanted features, we included the "Redmine Agile plugin" from RedmineUP since a while now. Luckily the free version of the plugin already provided nearly 90% of the requested additional features. So everybody was happy and we could run this service without problems. But today, we got some money to buy the PRO version of the plugin - which we happily did :-)

There is another plugin, named Checklist, for which we also got the GO to order the PRO version. Both plugins are now up and running on our instance here - and all projects can make use of the additional features.

We like to thank SUSE QE for their sponsoring. And we also like to thank RedmineUP for providing these (and more) plugins to the community as free and PRO versions. We are happy to be able to donate something back for your work on these plugins. Keep up with the good work!