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[Regression][GNOME] GNOME components of regression tests

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tickets #117838: [Regression][GNOME] Lock / Unlock screen gnomeResolvedGraceWang

tickets #117847: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Some types of files should be opened by corresponding applicationsResolvedGraceWang

tickets #117874: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Change PasswordResolvedGraceWang

tickets #117910: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Applications starts on loginResolvedGraceWang

tickets #117931: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: GUI for Bluetooth configuration (GNOME)NewGraceWang

tickets #117958: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Switch between different workspacesNewzcjia

tickets #117967: [Regression][GNOME] Tracker: Find a file with Search in NautilusResolvedzcjia

tickets #118012: [Regression][GNOME] Lock screen – volumeNewzcjia

tickets #118045: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Zoom function in Universal AccessNewzcjia

tickets #118081: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: NautilusNewzcjia

tickets #118084: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Change file permissions with NautilusResolvedzcjia

tickets #118087: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome-keyring: password is functional by keyring protectiveNewzcjia

tickets #118126: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: gnome-keyring be called by applicationsResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118234: [Regression][GNOME] Evince: Rotate and ZoomResolvedzcjia

tickets #118237: [Regression][GNOME] Tracker: Find an application with Search in the Main MenuResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118309: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Launch seahorse and create a PGP keyResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118396: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: system goes into power saving modes and resumesNewGraceWang

tickets #118432: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Switch between GNOME and GNOME classicResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118438: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: gnome - login testResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118483: [Regression][GNOME] Evince: ViewResolvedzcjia

tickets #118489: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Change Gnome Keyring PasswordResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118492: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Set preference from gnome power settingResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118555: [Regression][GNOME] Wayland: Wayland as a supported environment (GNOME)Resolvedzcjia

tickets #118558: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Window Switcher works with ALT+TABResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118690: [Regression][GNOME] Evince: FindResolvedzcjia

tickets #118720: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Overview mode launched with mouse hover or ""Supper"" keyResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118723: [Regression][GNOME]Gnome: Change screen resolutionResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118726: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Resize windows via mouse and ctrlResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118729: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Login keyring is unlocked via pam on login.ResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118738: [Regression][GNOME] Tracker: Search all date with tracker-needleResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118741: [Regression][GNOME] Tracker: tracker search from the command line. tracker-search starts.ResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118744: [Regression][GNOME] Tracker: tracker info for filesResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118762: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Keyring stores the encryption keys and passwordsResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118774: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Nautilus opens file sharing (ftp, nfs. samba)ResolvedGraceWang

tickets #118777: [Regression][GNOME] Gnome: Move windows via mouse and ctrlResolvedGraceWang


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