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QA - coordination #99303: [saga][epic] Future improvements for SUSE Maintenance QA workflows with fully automated testing, approval and release

[epic] Future improvements: Make reviewing openQA results per squad easier

Added by okurz 8 months ago. Updated 17 days ago.

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As a squad team member, I want to be able to more easily review Maintenance and Tumbleweed job group related test failures that are relevant to my squad.

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: Squad members have access to a very convenient review workflow of relevant openQA test failures


  • Consider a custom view for the web UI
  • Extend openqa-review with filter parameters (blocklist/passlist) on test suite name
    • but I doubt teams would be able to maintain a blocklist/passlist including all the test suites that they are interested in or not interested in, maybe test modules would work -> "Extend openqa-review with filter parameters (blocklist/passlist) on test module maintainers"?
  • Automatic checks for
    • Maintainer in each test suite
    • Maintainer in each job template
    • Maintainer in each job group
    • No orphaned tests (not reviewed in any squad)


action #17252: notifications to maintainer on failed modulesNew

action #92533: Module-centric test result overviewNew

openQA Tests - action #92921: [tools][spike] Can we change or display job group structure for maintenance job groups to have one job group per team like for product validation and maybe specific products and versions below size:MIn Progressmgrifalconi

action #92960: Add option to openqa-review to section by flavorWorkable

action #95278: [easy][beginner] Making option to filter by job group(s) on /tests/overview more prominentNew

action #95878: Add filter on /tests/overview for search term in test suite descriptionNew

action #101457: Native per-module bug tagsNew

action #110632: Capture stderr of job_done_hooks as wellNew

openQA Infrastructure - action #110920: Emails from o3 are rejected by for certain sender/recipients size:SWorkable

action #111135: Enhance email notification message content for about failed and unreviewed jobs New

action #111215: Various improvements for email notification about unreviewed jobs size:MIn Progresstinita

Related issues

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Can we please get a title that wasn't used before? Make reviewing openQA results per squad easier is also used in #91914. And no, adding a generic prefix about improvements is not helping.

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  • Copied to coordination #109647: [epic] Future improvements: Simpler investigation of openQA test failures added

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