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notifications to maintainer on failed modules

Added by okurz almost 5 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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user story

As a test module maintainer I want to get informed about failure occurences so that I do not need to poll myself

acceptance criteria

  • AC1: For every occurence of a failed module in a job with no bugref or label where a person is registered as maintainer, this persons receives a notification
  • AC2: No notification is sent unless the maintainer opts-in
  • AC3: No notification is sent if the job within which the module fails has a bugref or label already


  • listen to AMQP notifications for failed or softfailed jobs
for every reported job
  if not (bugref or label)
    for every failed module
      query maintainer
      if opt-in
        send notification

further details

  • probably we should start with a standalone script which can be run in a loop or persistent daemon, later on make it a server available to multiple persons registering, each storing their information in a database OR within openQA
  • subscribe/unsubscribe by email with sending email
  • subscribe/unsubscribe by IRC with sending query message to bot

Related issues

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not currently working on this

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this doesn't really look like an openqa feature, more a feature on top of #16276 - taken that openQA has no concept of 'maintainer'

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I was playing around learning about "associative arrays" in bash, like a dictionary or hash, and came with , a trivial script to read out maintainer of each test module in os-autoinst-distri-opensuse

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For SUSE QE maintenance tests we already have a mailing list that receives comments from on whenever any incident related tests fail. The archive can be seen on

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