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Organize labs move to new building and SRV2

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It is planned to move the labs to our new office space. Planning for this is currently ongoing and driven by external partners. From within QA this is driven by Ralf, Matthias and Me. There where several planning meetings in the past and several excel sheets over mail so not much I can put here. From what I can say at the moment we plan to decommission a lot of old hardware, move production stuff into SRV2@Maxtorhof and move the rest into the new lab.

If you are from QA, have hardware in the Labs and are not involved yet feel free to add comments and your requirements here.


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Setting due date based on mean cycle time of SUSE QE Tools

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quick update here: we trashed several servers in the big qa lab. These machines are tagged with the "decommissioned" tag and can be seen here: and here

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Discussed in weekly unblock 2022-01-19. #102650#note-5 describes the current state. We agreed that we currently don't do active work but wait for people from facilities and SUSE-IT to ask us or in particular nsinger to conduct any potential next step.

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I got approached with the request to merge the small lab into the big lab. This will be done by me and mgriessmeier on Monday the 1st of February. Planned move date is the 1st of March but Frankencampus will most likely be not ready at that date. Therefore a final move date is not set yet.

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