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03:02 openQA Infrastructure action #117205: Some boot_from_pxe failed from assigned worker: grenache-1:17 (kermit) and also openqaworker2:17 (quinn) size:M
xguo wrote:
> Quick update, have updated the latest Firmware Revision: 03.89 and BIOS Version: 3.2 both grenache-1:1...


09:57 openQA Tests action #120789 (Resolved): [virtualization] tests fail to upload to qadb on with "Access denied, this account is locked"
@okurz, this is known and fixed last friday by Jerry Tang. Thanks for opening the issue. Close it now.
03:16 openQA Infrastructure action #120441: OSD parallel jobs failed with "get_job_autoinst_url: No worker info for job xxx available" size:meow
@okurz @cdywan This issue is blocking VT team from testing the P1 tests , guest migration , which requires 2 machines...


01:44 openQA Tests action #109710 (Workable): [virtualization][hyperv] Failed to calculate checksum for ISO located in: D:\cache\SLE-15-SP4-Full-x86_64-Build119.1-Media1.iso
I ever met once such failure in virtualization's own test. Although this failure happens in tests not owned by VT, bu...


04:46 openQA Tests action #98057: [virtualization][tw][sporadic] test fails in virtman_view
Seems like needle issue.


03:01 openQA Project coordination #105624: [saga][epic] Reconsider how openQA handles secrets
@okurz, shall #114766 be linked to this parent ticket? BTW, would you please grant me access to it?


01:52 openQA Project coordination #100688: [epic][virtualization][3rd party hypervisor] Add svirt backend compatibility for vmware 7.0
okurz wrote:
> All subtasks resolved. With this we see that we have complete VMWare 7.0 support in os-autoinst and t...


08:02 openQA Tests action #59333: [opensuse][virtualization] Separate 'vagrant' tests from 'virtualization'
xlai wrote:
> @dancermak Do you want to fully finish the ticket? Virtualization squad will work on VT tests for tumb...


05:28 openQA Infrastructure action #105594 (Workable): Two new machines for OSD and o3, meant for bare-metal virtualization size:M


06:35 openQA Infrastructure action #105594: Two new machines for OSD and o3, meant for bare-metal virtualization size:M
@viktors.trubovics Thanks for the suggestions. @nicksinger @gschlotter @okurz @mgriessmeier Hello guys, as @Julie_CA...

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