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10:10 openQA Project coordination #109659: [epic] More remote workers
There is a bunch of machines freed in Provo in the upcoming few months (old openstack hardware). I briefly talked to ...


14:17 openQA Tests action #99345: [tools][qem] Incomplete test runs on s390x with auto_review:"backend died: Error connecting to VNC server.*s390.*Connection timed out":retry size:M
okurz wrote:
> I would like to have some kind of monitoring checks between openQA workers where we run x3270 and the...


09:28 openQA Infrastructure action #109969: s390zp19 - out of disk space
okurz wrote:
> @mgriessmeier why do you assign that to nicksinger? That s390x instance is still outside the scope of...
09:22 openQA Infrastructure action #109969 (Resolved): s390zp19 - out of disk space
# Observation
s390x L...


11:40 openQA Infrastructure action #102650: Organize labs move to new building and SRV2 size:M
xlai wrote:
> nicksinger wrote:
> > We need to move our big QA lab into SRV2. Our current plan is that we collect t...


09:01 openQA Infrastructure action #103524: OW1: performance loss size:M
okurz wrote:
> nicksinger informed us from private conversation that we have replacement at the post office in NBG a...


11:21 openQA Infrastructure action #103524: OW1: performance loss size:M
maritawerner wrote:
> @okurz to my knowledge QE LSG has bought most of the openSUSE HW, so I think that the QE Tools...


10:20 openQA Infrastructure action #102167: Disk monitoring for s390x z/VM backend
Hi guys,
let me give you some explanation on the root cause of this issue.
As you might be aware of, to spawn i...


10:40 openQA Tests action #99336: [qe-core][migration] test fails in bootloader_zkvm - no space on openqa s390x worker auto_review:"rsync: write failed on.*/var/lib/libvirt/images/.*s390x.*No space left on device":retry
first suggestion: increase disksize to mitigate current bottleneck - I''ll take care about that on mainframe side


11:17 openQA Infrastructure action #97658: many (maybe all) jobs on rebel within o3 run into timeout_exceeded "setup exceeded MAX_SETUP_TIME" size:M
okurz wrote:
> mkittler volunteers to team up with nsinger to learn how to order replacement hardware. Please order ...

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