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[qe-core][qac][study] End-to-end combination test scenarios

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Researching end-to-end scenarios combining multiple SUSE technologies and popular real life uses across functional areas into test cases.

The focus is on testing the combination, not any specific component.


action #94174: [opensuse] Enable k3s and Rancher tests in openqa.suse.deNew

action #94829: [qe-core] Web/app serving end-to-end scenarioNew

action #94832: [qe-core] Development collaboration service automated deployment testNew


#1 Updated by tjyrinki_suse 4 months ago

  • Description updated (diff)

#2 Updated by szarate 4 months ago

  • Claim as QE Core the ownership of end to end scenarios
  • PO to work on having more defined E2E scenarios (For instance: Deploy gitlab on rancher with auto scaling?, Deploy postgresql and run pgbench)
  • Have the k3s and rancher tests enabled for osd (Maintenance and Product for 15-sp3+)

#3 Updated by jlausuch 4 months ago

I wonder if we are stepping onto each other's area. Isn't K3S containers topic? :)

#4 Updated by tjyrinki_suse 4 months ago

It's not meant to be a containers test, just happening to use a container similar to our tests running on hyperv are not virtualization tests. But when it starts it's also a co-operation just led by QE Core to study some new possible ways of testing.

The last line from szarate related to the already existing cross-team (I've not been involved) k3s + rancher tests that I now fail to find url for, they could be at least used for this study so that it'd be very easy to get k3s running to run the actual tests.

#5 Updated by tjyrinki_suse 4 months ago

  • Subject changed from [qe-core][study] Long term stress & stability test to [qe-core][study] End-to-end combination test scenarios
  • Description updated (diff)

#6 Updated by okurz 4 months ago

  • Subject changed from [qe-core][study] End-to-end combination test scenarios to [qe-core][qac][study] End-to-end combination test scenarios

Updating ticket summary with team tag for "qac" as well as discussed in weekly QE sync.

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