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Researching end-to-end scenarios combining NodeJS server, clients and Kubernetes test

Stress & stability test of a theoretical app server running inside a Kubernetes cluster, serving clients.

Ideas about possible implementation details:

* Rancher K3S for the server
* NodeJS 14 LTS serving either http directly or from behind nginx proxy
* From SLE repositories where available, or
* For client, one could use something like minimal containers running
multiple (tens of?) httperf in a local network. If SUSE technologies containers not minimal enough, maybe for example docker alpine:3.13.5

Try not to overlap eg with what QE Performance is testing, seek eg "database/http traffic" tests
and popular real life others.

## Acceptance Criteria

* Runs a simple https server (self-signed certificate) inside a single node Kubernetes
* Each client connecting to it
uses across functional areas into test cases.

https (ignoring self-singed certificate)
The focus is clients altogether doing thousands of requests per second.
* Runs for minimum 1 hour
* Runs
on testing the combination, not any specific component. at minimum 15-SP2, 15-SP3, Tumbleweed, Leap 15.3 and SLE12 if possible without extra effort