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[saga] better marketing for openQA

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Potential improvement points:

  • add wikipedia page describing openQA
  • someone could write a recent blog article
  • keep track of reference sources describing / tracking openQA, e.g. wikipedia list
  • better use of the twitter account (@openQAhq)

wikipedia listed openQA but
unfortunately no separate wikipedia article for openQA which it IMHO deserves.
openQA was actually listed as "discontinued" since an anonymous edit from
2016-02 which I corrected to being active citing the page Maybe the broken OBS link as reported in #9436 was
making the wikipedia change author to think it is not active which would be
sad and probably something we want to avoid in the future.
I corrected this but the entry was deleted as visible in as it was stated that there is no article describing openQA.

But there was a page "OpenQA" which unfortunately got deleted as well:
Reasons stated are:

20:40, 3 May 2016 BethNaught (talk | contribs) deleted page OpenQA (G12: Unambiguous copyright infringement of; not GPL is CC BY-SA compatible)
03:09, 26 March 2016 Diannaa (talk | contribs) deleted page OpenQA (G12: Unambiguous copyright infringement of,,

Does anyone know who might have created that wikipedia article and what we can do to come up with a safe version of it?

Would it help to dual-license some content, e.g. our README under CC-BY-SA or something?


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Documentation of openQA should be licensed as GFDL so that we can use it. Or we recreate a wikipedia article linking to which itself is GFDL already. Honestly, I am not much motivated right now to create an article from scratch when one already existed and was deleted…

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okurz wrote:

Potential improvement points:

  • better use of the twitter account (@openQAhq)

This came up in the context of #58304 and blogging about the activity view. I'd like to post a screenie and a couple sentences on Twitter. I try to get into the habit of preparing the same for One (SUSE internal) for this and other tickets already. Except I simply have no access to said Twitter account - using e.g. TweetDeck it's possible to link accounts so I don't even need the credential, I just need to be given access once.

#8 Updated by okurz 12 months ago

Next idea: Short showcase tutorial videos, each only some minutes, for individual features, e.g. "investigation", "test overview", "activity log".

#9 Updated by okurz 11 months ago

I suggest we could offer a weekly or fortnightly openQA meetup where we can demonstrate recent changes, review the last iteration (since the last meetup), demonstrate older, but less known features, and discuss questions from the user community. Anyone up for that? If I don't read anything from anyone I might just announce that at a fitting timeslot and hope for many to join.

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#11 Updated by okurz 9 months ago

my proposal, each Friday, 0800Z

#12 Updated by okurz 8 months ago

implemented the "workshop" within our as a regular meeting.

#13 Updated by cdywan 8 months ago

My blog post Setup OBS Studio to record a video call should help with both one-off videos and recording the aforementioned workshop. As well as Setup a blog with GitLab Pages and Hugo to encourage general blogging efforts w/o relying on internal channels (will be published tomorrow).

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Also, a post about getting started with openQA. And maybe I'll get some feedback from a fresh starter to confirm how well this works for that.

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