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Another try at an openQA wikipedia page

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My draft:

{{Short description|non-commercial free software}}
{{Draft topics|internet-culture|software|computing|technology}}
{{AfC topic|other}}

{{Infobox software
| name                   = openQA
| title                  = 
| logo                   = <!-- Image name is enough -->
| logo caption           = 
| logo_size              = 
| logo_alt               = 
| screenshot             = openQA.png
| caption                = 
| screenshot_size        = 300px
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| collapsible            = yes
| author                 = 
| developer              = [[SUSE]], [[Linux Foundation]]
| released               = <!-- {{Start date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|df=yes/no}} -->
| discontinued           = 
| latest release version =
| latest release date    =
| latest preview version = 
| latest preview date    = <!-- {{Start date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|df=yes/no}} -->
| programming language   = [[Perl]]
| operating system       = [[Linux]]
| platform               = 
| size                   = 
| language               = 
| language count         = <!-- DO NOT include this parameter unless you know what it does -->
| language footnote      = 
| genre                  = [[Web service]], [[Scripting language]], [[Automation]], [[Graphical user interface|GUI]], [[Utility software|utility]]
| license                = [[GNU General Public License|GPL]]
| alexa                  = 
| website                = {{URL|}}
| standard               = 
| AsOf                   = 

'''openQA''' is an automated test tool for operating systems and application stacks using virtual as well as physical machines simulating user interactions..<ref>{{citation |url= |title=official homepage of openQA |publisher=openQA development team |date=2022-11-18 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref>. openQA was first developed by the openSUSE community as an integral part of the '''factory-tested''' Linux distribution in 2010. <ref>{{citation |url= |title=Announcing factory-tested |publisher=openSUSE community |date=2010-11-29 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref>.

== Known uses of openQA ==

openQA is used for the openSUSE Linux distribution as well as within SUSE to develop multiple products <ref>{{citation |url= |title=description of uses at SUSE |publisher=openQA development team |date=2022-11-18 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref>. 
Other GNU/Linux distributions like Fedora <ref>{{citation |url= |title=Fedora openQA instance |publisher=Fedora Linux distribution |date=2022-11-18 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref>, Debian <ref>{{citation |url= |title=Debian openQA instance |publisher=Debian Linux distribution |date=2022-11-18 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref>, <ref>{{citation |url= |title=use of openQA at Debian |publisher=Debian |date=2018-09-09 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref>, Qubes OS<ref>{{citation |url= |title=Qubes OS openQA instance |publisher=Qubes OS distribution |date=2022-11-18 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref>, (not reachable at current time), the GNOME project <ref>{{citation |url= |title=GNOME openQA instance |publisher=the GNOME project |date=2022-11-18 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref> use it. openQA is also used for system integration purposes, e.g. automated kernel testing by Codethink<ref>{{citation |url= |title=TL;DR - LAVA + openQA = automated, continuous kernel testing |publisher=Codethink |date=2021-09-21 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref> and EuroLinux<ref>{{citation |url= |title=openQA testing for EuroLinux |publisher=eurolinux |date=2022-03-17 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref>.

openQA is shipped as part of multiple Linux distribution for direct installation, e.g. openSUSE<ref>{{citation |url= |title=openQA package for openSUSE |publisher=openSUSE |date=2022-11-18 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref>, Fedora<ref>{{citation |url= |title=openQA package for Fedora |publisher=Fedora |date=2022-11-18 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref>, <ref>{{citation |url= |title=openQA installation instructions for Fedora |publisher=Fedora |date=2022-06-08 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref>, Debian<ref>{{citation |url= |title=openQA package for Debian |publisher=Debian |date=2022-11-18 |access-date=2022-11-18}}</ref>

[[GNU Health|GNU_Health]] uses openQA tests for its system verification during development.

==See also==
* [[openSUSE]]
* [[GNU Health|GNU_Health]]


==External links==
* {{Official website|}}

[[:Category:Build automation]]
[[:Category:SUSE Linux]]

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I have submitted This is pending review. Can take 3 months, it says. If it's accepted then we should reference on

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The draft was declined again on 2022-12-08 with "There appear to be no secondary sources here.". I am asking for help in

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No joy


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