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[saga][epic] Stable and updated non-qemu backends for SLE validation

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For new versions of SLE we need to validate on non-qemu backends. To rely on test results backends must be stable and also updated to current feature sets.


coordination #99030: [epic] openQA bare-metal test dies due to lost SSH connection auto_review:"backend died: Lost SSH connection to SUT: Failure while draining incoming flow":retryResolvedokurz

action #99108: Automatically retry openQA bare-metal tests size:SResolvedokurz

action #99111: Confirm or disprove that openQA bare-metal test loses SSH connection due to package updates size:MRejectedokurz

coordination #100688: [epic][virtualization][3rd party hypervisor] Add svirt backend compatibility for vmware 7.0Blockedokurz

action #106083: [virtualization][3rd party hypervisor][timeboxed:10h][research] Learn about VMWare VirtualMachine.AcquireTicket("webmks") API size:SResolvedmkittler

action #107026: Improve existing unit tests for VNC module to increase its test coverage (before doing any actual changes) size:MResolvedmkittler

action #107029: Consider removing support for ikvm size:MResolvedokurz

action #107032: [timeboxed:20h] [spike] Create integration test of os-autoinst's VNC module with VMWare's VNC-over-websockets size:SIn Progressmkittler

coordination #109656: [epic] Stable non-qemu backendsBlockedokurz

action #76813: [tools] Test using svirt backend fails with auto_review:"Error connecting to VNC server.*: IO::Socket::INET: connect: Connection refused":retryNew

coordination #105699: [epic] 5 whys follow-up to s390x svirt jobs incomplete with unable to extract assets:.*/var/lib/libvirt/images/a.img" size:SResolvedokurz

action #106783: Cover manual testing steps, especially for "exotic" backends, in os-autoinst contribution hints size:MResolvedmkittler

action #106867: os-autoinst: local svirt testing instructions size:MResolvedmkittler

action #106996: os-autoinst: describe how to take out a production worker instance for testing backend changes size:MResolvedmkittler

action #106999: os-autoinst: Document the use of custom openQA backend commands to test os-autoinst changes on production workers size:MResolvedokurz

action #107005: Automatic review checklists on pull requests, especially for os-autoinst non-qemu backend testsResolvedokurz

openQA Infrastructure - action #108401: Can't call method "id" on an undefined value at V1/Job.pmResolvedtinita

action #108662: Can't call method "id" on an undefined value at WebAPI/Controller/Test.pmResolvedokurz

action #106056: [virtualization][tools] Improve retry behaviour and connection error handling in backend::ipmi (was: "Fail to connect on our osd environment") size:MWorkable

action #106685: Test using svirt backend incomplete with auto_review:"Error connecting to VNC server.*: IO::Socket::INET: connect: Connection timed out":retryNew

openQA Infrastructure - action #109112: Improve os-autoinst connection error handling (was: "Test died: Error connecting to <>: No route to host") size:MWorkable

action #109620: os-autoinst: Improve unit-test code coverage for backend::svirt size:MResolvedosukup

openQA Infrastructure - action #111063: Ping monitoring for our s390z mainframes size:SResolvedokurz

coordination #109740: [epic] Stable os-autoinst unit tests with good coverageBlockedokurz

action #94952: [easy][beginner] Increase code coverage of os-autoinst basetest.pmNew

action #107998: [sporadic][os-autoinst] t/29-backend-driver.t fails in "log output for backend driver creation"Resolvedtinita

action #111251: Cover code of os-autoinst path OpenQA/ fully (statement coverage) size:MIn Progresstinita

action #111254: Cover code of os-autoinst path backend/ fully (statement coverage) size:MWorkable

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  • Related to coordination #37339: [qe-core][functional][saga][ipmi] Stable testing on IPMI backend including x11 tests added

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