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Toggle_check # Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
58379openQA Projectisotovideo is slow to shutdown / error messages on proper shutdownNewCopied from #57707
58373openQA InfrastructureProposal: Poll test and needle repos every minute to make people wait less for updates in tests or needlesFeedbackokurzCurrent Sprint
58367openQA Projectvnc port information is wrong for > 99NewReady
58364openQA Teststest fails in firefox in KDE Leap 15.2 aarch64New
58361openQA Teststest fails in gnucashNew
58355openQA Infrastructure"rebel" seems to reproducibly apply updates over transactional-update.serviceIn Progressbinary_sequence
58352openQA TestsCommit "51614c3" new changes of add_grub_cmdline_settings() introduces lots of fails on Security test casesNewasmorodskyi
58349openQA Tests[sle15sp2][desktop] test fails in firefox as there is mistyping in the gnome desktop runnerNewzcjia
58346openQA Infrastructureo3 openqaworker1 and openqaworker4 are completely down on 2019-10-18In ProgressokurzCurrent Sprint
58334openQA Tests[sle][functional][y]test fails in yast2_lan_device_settings - yast2_lan-vlan-selected not matchedNew
58331openQA Infrastructuresalt does not apply "gpgautoimport" or "keeppackages" in saltFeedbackokurzCurrent Sprint
58325openQA InfrastructureUpdate firmware of our powerKVM machines (QA-Power8-3, QA-Power8-4, QA-Power8-5)New
58319openQA Project[openqa-client] make --form visible in the help outputNew
58304openQA ProjectA personal activity view for developers New
58301openQA Tests[sle][security][sle15sp2][x86_64] Need to adjust the desktop module instead of applying WE in SLE15SP2Newbchou
58298openQA Tests[sle][security][sle15sp2][x86_64] Needle is mismatch in boot_to_desktop from fips_tests_crypt_krb5 casesNewbchou
58295openQA Tests[kernel][sporadic] test fails in kdump_and_crash - password is entered too earlyNewpcervinkaCurrent Sprint - kernel
58292openQA Testsmau-extratests@zkvm fails in openldap2New
58289openQA ProjectHuge amount of "Needle file .* not found where expected. Check /var/lib/openqa for distri symlinks" on o3 in /var/log/openqaFeedbackokurzCurrent SprintRelated to #56789
58286openQA Testsyast2_lan_restart may need to slow downNew
58283openQA Testspidgin_IRC fails to catch slow freenode serverNew
58274openQA Teststest fails in gnucash - gnucash launched twice?New
58271openQA Tests[functional][u] Write documentation for lib/xen.pmFeedbackzluo
58265openQA Tests[functional][y] Automate installation with multidevice btrfs (SLE 15 SP2 only)WorkableriafarovMilestone 29
58262openQA Tests[functional][y] Add support for missing controls to libyui-restapiNewriafarov

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