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Toggle_check # Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
44960openQA Projectapparmor denies access to asset cache on o3NewmkittlerCurrent Sprint
44954openQA Tests[functional][u] test fails in puppet - Remove puppet testNew
44942openQA Tests[sle][security][sle15sp1] Test module selinux_setup should be updated for not release "selinux-policy" packageIn Progressllzhao
44936openSUSE Leap 15.1enable i586 packages that need itNewBeta11/01/2019
44930openQA Tests[sle][security][sle15sp1] test fails in libmicrohttpd due to greenbone-security-assistant was removed from SLE15Newbchou
44927openQA Tests[sle][migration][sle15sp1]test fails in zypper_in - 'zypper -n in screen x3270' failed with code 104Newtinawang123
44921openQA Tests[sle][migration][sle15sp1] test fails in patch_sle - suspect wrong needle matchedNew
44918openQA Tests[sle][migration][sle15sp1] test fails in patch_sle - Test died: 'zypper -n in -t pattern ' failed with code 3 New
44915openQA Tests[sle][migration][sle15sp1] test fails in vino_screensharing_available - no vino, need update code and needleNewleliRelated to #44822
44912openQA Tests[sle][security][sle15sp1] Test AppArmor automatic started by defaultWorkablewhdu
44888openQA Tests[qam][ppc64le] test fails in sshd - fails in select_serial_terminalNew
44885openQA ProjectCache service hiccups - Assets are deleted after they are downloadedFeedback
44882openQA Tests[sle][userspace][u]test fails in execute_test_run - almost all php tests failedNew
44879openQA ProjectReplace backticks/find with Mojo::FileIn Progresskraih
44873openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp1] fips_setup test fail due to zypper call was blocked by packagekitNewbchou
44867openQA Tests[sle][security][sle15sp1] w3m_https test fail due to zypper search fail and Needles outdatedNewbchou
44864openQA Tests[sle][migration][sle15sp1]test fails in yast2_i-'nfs-client' didn't select as expectedIn Progresstinawang123
44858openQA Tests[functional][u][y] loadtests method should check that the filename is not ending with a .pmNew
44855openQA Tests[functional] Analyze and extract ideas out of closed and outdated pull requestsNewokurz
44846openSUSE adminPublic MirrorFeedbackpjessen14/12/2018
44843openQA Tests[functional][u] use $self->select_serial_terminal instead of checking IPMI in every moduleWorkableMilestone 22
44840openQA Tests[hyperv] Use of uninitialized value in lib/utils integration_services_check_ip()NewmichalnowakRelated to #44771
44837openQA Tests[sle][security][sle15sp1] openssl_fips_cipher test fail due to output "enc : Unknown cipher bf"Newbchou
44834openQA Tests[sle][security][sle15sp1] openssl_fips_hash test fail due to invalid output "dgst: Unknown digest md4"Newbchou
44831openQA Tests [sle][security][sle15sp1] openssl_fips_alglist test fail due to invalid command "'list-cipher-algorithms"Newbchou

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