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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
152404 openSUSE admin code.o.o login broken New Pharaoh_Atem Actions
152395 qe-yam Check the EFI vars to verify secure boot Workable Actions
152392 openQA Project Why does the investigation diff show PRJDIR value "/var/lib/openqa/cache/" vs. "/var/lib/openqa/share" when both should use the cache service? New openQA Project - Ready Actions
152389 openQA Project significant increase in MM-test failure ratio 2023-12-11: test fails in multipath_iscsi and other multi-machine scenarios due to MTU size auto_review:"ping with packet size 1350 failed, problems with MTU" In Progress mkittler openQA Project - Ready Related to #138698, Related to #136154, Related to #151310, Related to #151612 Actions
152386 openQA Infrastructure [alert] "Apache Workers" and "HTTP Response" alerts fired shortly on 2023-12-11 New openQA Project - Ready Actions
152380 openSUSE admin Decommission the DNS entry Workable Actions
152377 openQA Tests [qe-sap] Include SLE-15-SP2 SLE-15-SP3 install target medias for x86_64 in the OSD assets repo New Actions
152365 openQA Project os-autoinst-openvswitch.service fails on start-up Feedback okurz openQA Project - Ready 2023-12-25 Actions
152356 qe-yam Need report failure when zypper migration failed Workable qe-yam - Current Actions
152350 qe-yam Investigate netweaver_test_instance failed for NIECONN_REFUSED (Connection refused) Workable qe-yam - Current Actions
152347 qe-yam SLE 15 SP6 Beta2 - RMT/SMT/SCC status check and Milestone build triggering New Actions
152344 qe-yam SLE15 SP6 Beta2 - YaST manual testing In Progress tinawang123 Actions
152341 qe-yam Remove 'boot_encrypt' test module New Actions
152314 openSUSE admin passphrase reset issues In Progress SUSE-Admins Actions
152311 invisAD-setup Package 'libvncserver0' not found. Workable flacco invisAD-setup - 14.3 2023-12-17 Actions
152308 openSUSE admin Fwd: Your subscription for openSUSE Factory mailing list has been disabled In Progress pjessen Actions
152296 qe-yam Optimize gitlab repo CI New qe-yam - Current Actions
152287 openQA Project [FIRING:1] (Packet loss between worker hosts and other hosts alert Salt 2Z025iB4km): unreachable Feedback dheidler openQA Project - Ready Actions
152281 openQA Project Schedule openQA SLE maintenance bisect jobs with lower priority same as openqa-investigate Workable mkittler openQA Project - Ready Actions
152278 openQA Project [qe-core] Create a benchmark for workers to understand how a worker's performance New QA - future Actions
152212 openSUSE admin Fastly CDN - Hosting of our WSL images (~2GB of data) New bmwiedemann Actions
152206 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in java: installation of java-* results in file conflicts New Actions
152188 qe-yam Simplify the creation of the default system using gnome with default patterns Workable Actions
152185 qe-yam Simplify the creation of the default system in textmode with default patterns In Progress zoecao Actions
152179 qe-yam Move all hpc related test suites to a dev group In Progress rainerkoenig Actions
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