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Toggle_check # Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
48029openQA Infrastructure[network failure] Can not access ipmi worker grenache-1:10New
48026openQA Tests[sle][migration][sle15sp1]test fails in grub_test_snapshot - needle need updateNewcoolgw
48020openQA Tests[sle][security][sle15sp1] test fails in openssl_pubkey_dsa - Unknown digest dss1Newbchou
48017openQA Tests[sle][functional][y] test fails in disable_grub_timeout - does not jump to Bootloader options tab - take 2WorkableMilestone 2312/03/2019Copied from #46085
48008openQA Tests[functional][u] Get rid of "wait_grub" duplicationFeedbackokurzfuture
48005openQA Tests[functional][u] Check license script in repo of os-autoinst-distri-opensuseFeedbackokurzfuture
47996openQA Tests[functional][y][timeboxed:4h][spike] keyboard layout switching - check for *changed* keyboard layout in console after first_bootWorkableMilestone 2312/03/2019Copied from #45404
47987openQA ProjectIdentify unused media, testsuites, machines, etc.New
47978openQA Tests[qam] test fails in boot_to_desktop (not passing UEFI menu)New
47960openQA Tests[sle][functional][u] kdump_and_crash - detect error detection and only apply workaround thenWorkableMilestone 23Copied from #33376
47957openQA Tests[sle][functional][u]test fails in perf - no provider of perfNew
47942openSUSE adminicinga notifications, e.g. "** RECOVERY Service Alert: is OK **"New
47936openQA Tests[migration] test fails in setup_zdupNew
47933openQA Tests[functional][u] test fails in vlc - unreliably closing the first_time_wizard - the RET key goes to the checkbox for "send data"WorkableMilestone 24Related to #47132, Related to #47039, Related to #42773, Related to #42674
47921openQA Tests[functional][y] Apply new scheduling mechanism for any installation scenario in YaST job group which is also executed on o3NewMilestone 2312/03/2019Copied from #44420
47912openQA Tests[hyperv] test fails in await_install; try harder to stop the counterNewmichalnowak
47909openQA Tests[sle][functional][u] test fails in bootloader_s390 - incomplete file path for loadingNew
47906openQA Tests[sle][qam] test fails in docker_image - never worked beforeNewpdostalMilestone 23
47903openQA Tests[sle][functional][u] test fails in salt - timed out for script_run 'salt \'*\''New
47900openQA Tests[tools][aarch64] incompletes on arm with `mkdir vm-snapshots: Structure needs cleaning at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/backend/ line 413`New
47894openQA Tests[functional][u] Continuous check for used/unused test modules within os-autoinst-distri-opensuse in the "functional" domainNewMilestone 24
47891openQA Tests[functional][u] Continuously update the QSF-u team charts (cycle time, etc.) to know how we performNewMilestone 23
47879openQA Tests[functional][u][s390x] test fails in bootloader_s390: smb test is not booting the installer over info-fileNewRelated to #39857
47858openQA Infrastructure[u] test fails in first_boot - pflash overlay deleted causing: mkdir vm-snapshots: Structure needs cleaningWorkableMilestone 24
47855openQA Tests[functional][y][u] test fails in reboot_gnome - catch too many tries of send_key_until_needle_match WorkableMilestone 23

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