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Toggle_check # Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
65253openQA Testsy2_firstboot_tester doens't exitNew
65250openQA Testsfetch of autoinst file failedNew
65247openQA TestsXFCE now shows a blackscreen as screensaverNew
65244openQA Tests[functional][y] test fails in partitioning_warningsNew
65241openQA Tests[functional][y] Enable lvm-encrypt-separate-boot scenario on powerVMNewMilestone 3321/04/2020
65238openQA Tests[WSL] openQA variable ASSET_1 contains absolute path to file Feedbackmloviska
65232openQA Testsissue with exiv command executionNew
65226openQA Tests[SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2] Remove '-f' for reboot after full update in patch_sleNewleli
65223openQA Project ASSETS_1 openqa variable stores absolute path to WSL appx file rather than relativeFeedbackokurz
65220openQA Tests[sle][security][sle15sp2] tpm2 test fails in tpm2_engine_self_signIn Progressrfan1
65211openQA Tests[SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2][Enhance]: add some checks after migrationNew
65205openQA ProjectResult filter on "All tests" page affects running and scheduled job tablesWorkablefuture
65202openQA Infrastructureo3 is very slow/unresponsive and runs into timeoutsBlockedmkittlerCurrent Sprint
65196openQA ProjectUse the correct tagline in the docs overviewNew
65178openQA InfrastructureDrop config from salt for osd and o3NewRelated to #60023
65172openQA Tests[functional][y] Enable scenario with gnome installation with /home partition encryptedNewMilestone 3321/04/2020
65169openQA Tests[qam] test fails in evolution_mail_imapNewdzedro
65160openSUSE adminchange email and allow ipsFeedbackpjessen
65154openQA Infrastructureroot partition on osd exceeds alert threshold, 90%, after osd deploymentBlockedokurz01/05/2020
65151openQA Teststest fails in valgrind - ARM not fully supported by check scriptIn Progressph03nix
65148openQA Tests[kernel][yaml][spvm][ltp] Improve kernel test suits and job definitionsNewPlanned - kernel&network
65130openQA InfrastructureUpgrade of firmware(s) for cloudberry (power9 machine)Feedbacknicksinger
65121openQA Tests[qac][public cloud][ltp] ioctl08 test from LTP syscalls failsFeedbackasmorodskyi
65118openQA Tests[tools] multimachine test fails due to websocket refusing connectionNew
65115openQA Tests[qac][public cloud] Storage perf test failing in ssh connectionIn Progressjlausuch

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