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Toggle_check # Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
50633openSUSE admin/usr/bin/geoip-lite-update - gzip: GeoIP.dat.gz: not in gzip formatNewpjessen
50615openQA Teststest fails in await_install - does not catch rebootnowNew
50609openQA Tests[sle][migration][sle15sp1] test fails in install_service - service test not supported on SLEDIn Progressleli
50606openQA Tests[sle] Refine GnuPG case to use a better solution for interactive commandNewwhdu
50594openQA Tests[aarch64] test fails in reboot_plasma5New
50585openQA Teststest fails in install_patternsNew
50576openQA Tests[sle][migration][sle15sp1] test fails in http_srv - server function test conflict with service testNewcoolgw
50573openQA Teststest fails in snapper_undochange (and snapper_thin_lvm)New
50537openQA Tests[sle][functional][u] disable sssd for sle 12 till Bug 1131989 got fixed fullyFeedbackzluoMilestone 25
50531openQA Projectdocs/images/architecture.svg is not colorblind friendlyNew
50519openQA Tests[functional][u] extend utils documentation to all lib/functionsNewMilestone 24
50516openQA Tests[jeos] Update autofs testIn Progressccret
50513openSUSE Leap 15.1clean up build failsNewRC17/04/2019
50510openQA Tests[functional][u] write documentation for lib/ functionsNewMilestone 24
50507openQA Tests[functional][u][epic] document lib/ functionsNewMilestone 24Related to #30862
50504openQA Tests[sle][migration][sle15sp1]test fails in addon_products_sle - refer to bsc#1130595 media migration from sle15GA also need python2In Progresstinawang123
50495openQA Tests[y][functional] test fails in yast2_iIn Progressmloviska07/05/2019
50492openQA Teststest fails in gnucashNew
50489openQA InfrastructureOSD update on 2019-04-17 (os-autoinst, openqa-worker, openqa-webui)NewnicksingerCopied from #49667
50486openQA Teststest fails in sssdNew
50471openQA Tests[qam] qam-incidentinstall test fails in update_install if intentionally conflicting packages are covered by the incident New
50468openSUSE adminset up redirects for repository structure on download.o.oFeedbackpjessen19/04/2019Copied from #50444
50465openSUSE Leap 15.2rename product from openSUSE to LeapNewAlpha28/06/2019
50462openQA Tests[hyperv] test fails in check_upgraded_service; firewalld service missingNewmichalnowak
50456openQA Tests[functional][u] gather logs and information from SUT in failed stateNewMilestone 24Related to #49763

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