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55673openQA Tests[SLE][Migration][SLE12SP5] migration from SLE12SP5 to SLE15SP1 cases failed for the ISO is deletedNewleli
55670openQA Tests[sle][migration] sle-12-SP5-Migration-from-SLE12-SP5-to-SLE15-SPx-x86_64-offline_sles12sp5_rmt_we_def_full@64bit is incomplete, missing asset that is not correctly referencedNew
55667openSUSE adminNew mirror - stage rsync server requestFeedbackpjessen
55664openQA Teststest fails in application_starts_on_login (opensuse-welcome)New
55661openQA Teststest fails in first_boot - "openSUSE Welcome" not handledIn Progress
55658openQA Infrastructure[osd] All jobs at midnight were incomplete and restarted due to cron-based automatic apache restart at 0:00Feedbackokurz31/08/2019Related to #54137
55652openQA Infrastructure** PROBLEM Service Alert: is WARNING ** - Cleanup of results+logsFeedbackokurzRelated to #54137
55649openQA Tests[kernel][o3][ppc64le] "trinity" consistently ending up as "incomplete" trying to load snapshot "lastgood"NewCopied from #55442
55646openQA ProjectCan not edit job group properties of job groups converted to YAML scheduleNew
55643openQA ProjectPrevent duplicate codecov reportsNewCopied from #55364
55634openQA ProjectTrying to delete single asset over /admin/assets does not seem to have any effectNew
55628openQA Tests[qam][incomplete] test fails in bind with "zypper -n si bind' failed with code 105" but logs look fine?NewRelated to #54902
55625openQA Tests[SLE][Migration][SLE12SP5] test fails in upgrade_select - Connect Proxy SCC server timeoutNew
55622openQA Tests[sle][functional][y] test fails in yast2_lan_device_settings - vlan-deleted not matchedIn ProgressvsvecovaRelated to #55619
55619openQA Teststest fails in yast2_lan_device_settings: Does not work on SLE 15 SP1/Leap 15.1In ProgressvsvecovaRelated to #55622
55616openQA Infrastructureqa-power8-4-kvm is missing many installed updates, packages unsupported (potentially other machines as well)NewCopied from #55607
55613openQA Tests[migration] sle-12-SP5-Migration-from-SLE12-SP5-to-SLE15-SPx-x86_64-offline_sles11sp4_ltss_sle12sp5_sle15sp1_ph1@64bit relies on build-specific HDD_1 without START_AFTER_TESTNewCopied from #55442
55610openQA Tests[opensuse][aarch64] incomplete opensuse-Tumbleweed-DVD-aarch64-update_Leap_15.1_gnome@aarch64Newggardet_arm
55607openQA InfrastructureUpgrade all OSD workers to a supported OS version (e.g. from Leap 42.3 to 15.1) and consistent for allWorkableCopied from #54137, Copied to #55616
55601openQA Tests[jeos][xen] test fails in bootloader_svirt - "error: unsupported configuration: unknown boot device ''"New
55598openQA Tests[kernel][o3] tests fail with "Can not open runtest asset /var/lib/openqa/share/factory/other/ltp-timers-opensuse-Tumbleweed-x86_64-20190814-DVD@64bit-with-ltp-qcow2.txt: No such file or directory at …/tests/opensuse/lib/main_ltp:60"New
55595openQA Tests[cloud][pcm] debug memory dump - placeholderNewcfconradRelated to #43631
55592openQA Tests[kernel] kotd_nvmftests-sle12sp4@64bit is relying on build specific HDD but misses START_AFTER_TESTNewMMoese
55589openQA Tests[functional][u][xen] test fails after successful shutdown when all modules are passed - "Error in VNC protocol - relogin: short read for zrle data 405420 - 964496"New
55580openQA Tests[functional][u] Refactor susedistribution::x11_start_program to support command not found (and retry)NewMilestone 26

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