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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
121054 openQA Project bigint conversion fails due to idx_job_id_value_settings index being too wide New openQA Project - Ready
121048 openQA Project Add pagination for GET /api/v1/bugs In Progress kraih openQA Project - Ready 2022-12-07 Copied from #120841
121045 openQA Project Performance regression of `os-autoinst` In Progress mkittler openQA Project - Ready
121042 openQA Project [sporadic] typing issue in comments UI test New openQA Project - Ready
121039 openQA Tests [virtualization][ipmi] Adapt slem53_guest_on_slem53_host and sles15sp4_guest_on_slem53_host test suite for slem 5.4 New
121030 openQA Tests [security] test fails in stunnel New
121021 qe-yast timeout in in upgrade_snapshots New
121015 qe-yast After migrastion in ther regression tests some services were not working New
120985 openQA Tests firewalld: invalid command line used In Progress pdostal
120984 openQA Tests [desktop] assert_script_sudo does not see result New
120975 openQA Tests setup rust1.65 image delivery pipeline In Progress ph03nix
120973 openQA Infrastructure [qem-dashboard] 500 internal server errors reported by qem-bot Feedback kraih openQA Project - Ready
120970 openQA Tests [security][qem] test fails in dbus_services_exposure on 15-SP4: there are unknown names In Progress pstivanin Related to #116869
120964 openQA Tests [security][qem] test fails in SLE 12-SP5 sssd_openldap_functional, timeout New
120958 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in rmt_feature New
120955 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in firewalld In Progress pdostal
120939 openQA Infrastructure [alert] Pipeline for scheduling incidents runs into timeout size:M In Progress cdywan openQA Project - Ready Related to #107923
120924 openQA Tests test fails in check_registercloudguest - repository list empty New
120918 openQA Tests [qe-core][opensuse] test fails in php_mysql: check_version('>=10.4') treats version 10.10 as 'lower' In Progress VANASTASIADIS QA - QE-Core: Ready
120913 openQA Tests [qe-sap] test fails in migrate_clvmd_to_lvmlockd New acarvajal
120900 openQA Tests Required patterns values are not removed on select_patterns New
120895 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in rmt_feature New
120891 openQA Project Product not scheduled: DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: deadlock detected size:M Workable openQA Project - Ready
120886 openQA Infrastructure "PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout" on ipmi machines in O3 size:S Feedback okurz openQA Project - Ready
120882 openQA Tests [qe-core] ensure `os-autoinst` reports properly the execution time of `post_fail_hooks` Workable QA - QE-Core: Ready Copied from #120735
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