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94919 All arm workers down 2021-06-30 , NUE SRV2 Rack A8 was switched off by EngInfra size:S openQA Infrastructure Immediate
94456 no data from any arm host on openQA Infrastructure Immediate
95443 Variants of Job age (scheduled) alerts on Grafana on Sunday and Monday size:S openQA Infrastructure Urgent
94940 multiple network related problems, gitlab CI pipelines not working, workers not reachable, proxySCC not reachable openQA Infrastructure Urgent
94513 openqaworker-arm-3 not reachable and not recoverable over usual ways openQA Infrastructure Urgent
94318 not reachable openQA Infrastructure Urgent
94312 [Alerting] web UI: Too many Minion job failures alert - likely due to openqa-client declared deprecated openQA Infrastructure Urgent
93683 osd-deployment failed due to not reachable by salt openQA Infrastructure Urgent
93650 alert: PROBLEM Service Alert: is WARNING openQA Infrastructure Urgent
93612 Several unhandled alerts triggered regarding incompletes and running out of space openQA Infrastructure Urgent
95765 Provide more people with administrative access to services on, adding ssh keys for existing tools team members QA High
95482 openqaworker-arm-3 offline and not automatically recovered due to gitlab CI failures openQA Infrastructure High
95335 openqa-review: Only send the openqa_suse_de_status to, ignore all others size:S QA High
95140 regression: salt state fails on one worker with "Passed invalid arguments to state.highstate: expected str, bytes or os.PathLike object, not list" size:M openQA Infrastructure High
94994 Tracebacks in the journal for salt-minion size:M openQA Infrastructure High
94949 Failed systemd services alert for openqaworker3 var-lib-openqa-share.automount openQA Infrastructure High
94576 alert: PROBLEM Service Alert: is WARNING openQA Infrastructure High
94438 OSD deployment fails at 2021-06-21 because ' openqaworker (arm-3 and arm-2) Minion did not return' openQA Infrastructure High
94246 Collect data on update/packages and maintenance workload for 2020/2021 QA High
93943 openqa-review pipeline fails accessing OSD test overview pages sometimes, more retries? QA High
93919 salt gitlab CI pipeline fails applying openqa-webui restart state with "The following requisites were not found: watch: file: /etc/openqa/openqa.ini" openQA Infrastructure High
93195 [Alerting] Failed systemd services alert (except on 2021-05-28, logrotate.service on openqaworker-arm-1 openQA Infrastructure High
92915 OSD deployment fails at 2021-05-21 because ' Minion did not return' openQA Infrastructure High
92302 NFS mount var-lib-openqa-share.mount often fails after boot of some workers openQA Infrastructure High
92149 crosscheck status/goal/maintainership of a machine "qam2" QA High
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