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# Subject Project Status Assignee Priority Category Due date
48389 self-tests in os-autoinst-distri-opensuse executing a simple (staging) test using isotovideo openQA Project Feedback okurz Normal Feature requests 2021-10-27
99333 qa-maintenance/openQABot CI job fails after max retries to reach openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Low 2021-10-27
99597 Fix flaky coverage - lib/OpenQA/Worker/ size:M openQA Project Feedback tinita High Concrete Bugs 2021-10-29
93381 [O3]request to add an IPMI SUT to O3 openQA Infrastructure Feedback nicksinger Normal 2021-10-30
94531 OpenQA worker randomly skips uploading artefacts for whole test modules size:M openQA Project Feedback mkittler Low Concrete Bugs 2021-11-01
100982 openqa-review: Do not post reminder comment if comment would be exactly the same as the last size:M QA Feedback jbaier_cz Normal 2021-11-02
100709 openqa-review pipeline failed because details-* JSON is empty openQA Project Feedback cdywan High Concrete Bugs 2021-11-05
101015 [tools][sle][x86_64][aarch64][QEMUTPM] can openqa create swtpm device automatically? size:M openQA Tests In Progress cdywan Normal Bugs in existing tests 2021-11-05
97658 many (maybe all) jobs on rebel within o3 run into timeout_exceeded "setup exceeded MAX_SETUP_TIME" size:M openQA Infrastructure In Progress nicksinger Low 2021-11-05
101033 openqaworker13: Too many Minion job failures alert - sqlite failed: database is locked size:M openQA Infrastructure In Progress kraih High 2021-11-09
98952 t/full-stack.t can timeout, "clickElement: element not interactable" size:M openQA Project Feedback cdywan Normal Concrete Bugs 2021-11-12
99339 Find out with SUSE-IT what is the best way to collaborate based on tickets QA Blocked okurz Low 2022-01-26
100850 Chromedriver crashes in openQA's CI openQA Project Feedback mkittler Low Concrete Bugs 2022-01-31
98919 Improve alert handling - slack notifications QA Blocked nicksinger Low 2022-02-04

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