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# Subject Project Priority Category Difficulty
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96197 [alert] web UI: Too many Minion job failures alert openQA Project Urgent Organisational
95878 Add filter on /tests/overview for search term in test suite description openQA Project Normal Feature requests
95854 Grafana doesn't show information during some minutes, but also we got alerts on the CPU after the recovery QA Normal
94105 [epic] Use feedback from openqa-investigate to automatically inform on github pull requests, open tickets, weed out automatically failed tests QA Normal
93883 [epic] Speedup openQA coverage tests with running minion jobs synchronously using new upstream "perform_jobs_in_foreground" mojo function openQA Project Normal Feature requests
92921 [tools][spike] Can we change or display job group structure for maintenance job groups to have one job group per team like for product validation and maybe specific products and versions below openQA Tests Normal Enhancement to existing tests
88546 Make use of the new "Storage Server", e.g. complete OSD backup openQA Infrastructure Normal
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95848 [sporadic] CircleCI: openQA t/05-scheduler-full.t flaky size:M openQA Project Urgent Concrete Bugs
95980 "no data" alert for "Incomplete jobs (not restarted)" but there should be no alert for "no data" size:S openQA Infrastructure High
95721 [Sporadic] containers: tests fail with "Test died: no candidate needle with tag(s) 'inst-console' matched" size:M openQA Project High Concrete Bugs
95188 Document how to properly configure GitLab pipeline notifications size:M openQA Project High Organisational
96058 [spike] Filter test results on /tests or /tests/overview by regex match in failed modules size:M openQA Project Normal Feature requests
95746 Identify likely "sporadic" openQA tests with "openqa-investigate" size:M QA Normal
94492 Configure retention/downsampling policy for monitoring data stored within InfluxDB size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal

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