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11:55 openQA Tests action #62066 (Resolved): [qe-core][qam][maint]openSUSE Leap 15.2 enablement/Leap 15 disablement auto_review:"Download of .*openSUSE-Leap-15.2-DVD.*.iso" failed.*404"
There is needed:
* enable openQA testing for openSUSE leap 15.2
* openSUSE leap 15 can be disabled.


14:33 qe-yam action #49265: [qam][maint][yast2-storage][yast2-storage-ng] Regression test yast disk
there is already pretty extensive test for yast2-storage-ng brhavel
14:16 qe-yam action #49331 (Feedback): Regression test yast security


09:17 openQA Tests action #56714 (Resolved): [qam] test fails in system_role
QR ISO images testing for 15 was already disabled brhavel
09:15 openQA Tests action #48656: [qam] qam-yast_self_update[+15] fails in welcome
there is needed an action from side of Maintenance coordination and IBS brhavel


08:12 openQA Tests action #57947: [qam] test fails in system_role - qam-minimal+base on 12-SP1 now has system_role module scheduled
is this still the case? I could not find such failure anymore, thank you brhavel


15:51 openQA Tests action #59028 (Resolved): [qam] test fails in yast_ftp_server
fixed and not failing anymore: brhavel
15:37 openQA Tests action #57425 (Resolved): [QAM] [yellow] test fails in coredump_collect
it does not fail for quit some time so resolving the ticket: brhavel
14:11 qe-yam coordination #43139: Assess and improve automation coverage for yast2-network
as the test was already finished and is running, can we resolve the ticket and address maintenance in separated tickets? brhavel


08:23 openQA Tests action #59354: [qam][newt][tcsh] standalone test for tcsh due to regression
I agree with Oliver. @Sergio, can you please extend respective test accordingly? Thank you brhavel

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