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[qam][newt][tcsh] standalone test for tcsh due to regression

Added by brhavel over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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There was a regression in tcsh causing issue to customer and they request regression test to avoid such issue in the future. There are tests running during the build, however, they do not capture this particular problem as user needs to use the shell interactively. Possible issue can be reproduced as follows (from the package maintainer):

The regression can only be seen if tcsh is interactively used. That is simply login as a tcsh user, that has a /usr/bin/tcsh or /bin/tcsh as login shell. If the prompt becomes broken and does not work anymore you had caught this bug. That is things like

ls i-d /*

(should return the directory and file list below /) or

echo ~

(should return the current home directory) do not work anymore due a broken tcsh.

reported bug which can be used as source of info for the test:


#1 Updated by brhavel over 3 years ago

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#2 Updated by slemke over 3 years ago

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#3 Updated by okurz over 3 years ago already spawns tcsh. Should be easy to extend it. I do not see much value in just adding a regression test for the specific bug though. Maybe you want to extend the test further therefore :)

#4 Updated by brhavel over 3 years ago

I agree with Oliver. @Sergio, can you please extend respective test accordingly? Thank you

#5 Updated by WernerFink over 3 years ago

The test ls i-d /* should be read as ls -d /*

#6 Updated by slemke over 3 years ago

No problem, I have id done in a new class already, but should not be problematic to extract to the existing one:

#7 Updated by slemke over 3 years ago

ok, added a function containing this procedures:

will create a PR and lets see.

#9 Updated by slemke over 3 years ago

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